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22nd Sep 2015 from TwitLonger

A Brief 'Thank You'

Hi everyone,

Okay this will be my last Emmy related post, as we all need to get back to reality. But I did want to express a few things I’ve been feeling since our win a couple of nights ago.

Because, by some stroke of amazing good fortune, I get to be called “Producer” on GoT, I was able to take home one of these lovely gold (and very sharp and heavy) statues, which, of course, I’ll treasure.

But this win for Outstanding Drama Series belongs to so many people – the hardworking, endlessly creative, extraordinary artists who make up our crew and cast, past and present.
So this is for people like Lynda Marshall, our Dragon crew script supervisor who has been with us since the beginning and keeps the actors on book(or sort of on book in some cases). It’s for people like Lisa Trinder, our video playback goddess, who has set such an incredible example for her daughter that she’s pursuing a career in film too – ensuring generations of Trinders helping entertain the world. It’s for Brian “Props” and James-y and Mark Lowry. It’s for Sean Savage, Dave Morgan, and the best camera crew in the business. It’s for Robbie Boake, who finds our beautiful locations. It’s for producers Annick Wolkan and Olly Butler – two people who work harder than perhaps anyone on the planet. It’s for Helen Sloan, whose still photos of our cast captivate fans the world over. It’s for Alanna Riddell Bond, our tireless script coordinator (and my beloved former office mate). It's for David Hill -- the only S5 writer not on that stage on Sunday (and he deserved to be).

These are but a handful of names – I could go on and on for days and days about our Belfast crew/production team, Dragon/Wolf units, and the equally fine crews in Croatia and Spain. These artists are a shining example of excellence to the entire film/TV industry.

And as proud as I am of Season Five, for me, this was a win for all four seasons that came before and the wonderful artists who worked with us in the past. So this belongs to Sean and Kit and Michelle and Rich and Jack and Charles and... man, we killed off a lot of actors! It belongs to writer Vanessa Taylor. It belongs directors to like Alik Sakharov and Alex Graves and Alan Taylor and Michelle MacLaren and Timmy Van Patten and so many others who made the show what it is…

My heart is full. I’m hugely proud of all you. I’m humbled to work with you and learn from you. And the only thing better than winning this (again, very sharp and heavy) gold statue is that I get to return to Belfast and keep making this special show with you all.

With gratitude,

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