@cyberdean07 @SagadaSun @FrancisAcero I find that POV curious: it would be fatat to party-based government, for one. Isn't the Constitution and relevant laws pretty clear? You are referring to individuals who are political offices (appointed by, and alter egos of, the President: they are not civil servants):
1987 Constitution (Article IX-B)
"Sec. 2. x x x
"(4) No officer or employee in the civil service shall engage, directly or indirectly, in any electioneering or partisan political campaign."
Admin Code:
General Rule:
Sec. 55. Political Activity. - No officer or employee in the civil service including members of the Armed Forces, shall engage directly or indirectly in any...
Provided, That public officers and employees holding political offices may take part in political and electoral activities but it shall be unlawful for them to solicit contributions...
Omnibus Election Code:
Sec. 261. Prohibited Acts. - The following shall be guilty of an election offense:
"x x x
"(1) Intervention of public officers and employees. - Any officer or employee in the civil service, except those holding political offices; any officer, employee, or member of the Armed forces of the Philippines, or any police force, special forces, home defense forces, barangay self-defense units and all other para-military units that now exist or which may hereafter be organized who, directly or indirectly, intervenes in any election campaign or engages in any partisan political activity, except to vote to preserve public order, if he is a peace officer."

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