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20th Sep 2015 from TwitLonger

.@Accelerwraith This one's for you...

This is a one time post. So pay attention because I'm not going to repeat any of this. And feel free to delete it. I've already saved it for posterity.

Instead of excerpting and twisting what I wrote, you should probably have posted the entire link for context.


But no, that's how disinformation works. So I don't expect that you will do that.

So let me excerpt the part you're crying foul over.

>So a bunch of White Knight loons are passing around an FTC letter which Star Citizen’s #1 backer (accelerwraith, the target of this controversial article, and nutcase mentioned here) received when he sent in a FOIA request to find out if RSI/CIG was under FTC investigation.

I called you a nutcase. I said absolutely **nothing** about your depression. Why? Because I don't care. Even if you were wheelchair bound, I wouldn't care because mental or physical ailments don't change the people we are inside. People are broken.

You are a nutcase. And just another self-important inconsequential shit on the Internet, looking for another (your first was being the $50m Star Citizen backer milestone pissant) 15 mins of fame in the spotlight because attacking people makes you feel good about yourself and your life less ordinary.

And yet, here you are, crying foul about ad hominem attacks. The typical tactics of Internet bullies who end up dealing with people who simply don't let them get away with it.

I have many friends and acquaintances who suffer from depression. And they are the nicest people ever. They're not nutcases.

As I've written about before, I, like a lot of people, suffer from social anxiety disorder. I used to take meds (Paxil) for it until about a decade ago when I quit cold turkey because a) I have always lived a healthy lifestyle and thus, don't like taking meds for anything b) I didn't like the side effects.

I still deal with it but it's manageable. And going back to my younger years, it was probably brought about by bullying and any number of things beyond my control. Again, I've written about that as well.


You know, the sort of shit that people like **you** do to others online, and with impunity. Because you can.

And that's why I do **not** tolerate any form of bullying, harassment or anti-social behavior perpetrated against me. And those who cross me, learn that lesson the hard way. Usually online or when they find themselves staring at legal action once I find out who they are.

So cry me a fucking a river with your victim bullshit. You don't get to pull that card, asshole.

If you want sympathy, join a goddamn support group, and stay off the fucking internet where interactions like yours are the #1 cause of symptoms that will exacerbate any mental condition or disorder.

And your depression is probably just the basic underlying problem. My advice to you is that you should get more testing done because I am married to a professional who knows more about this stuff inside out. DSM is very clear on various attributes and traits which mimic depression but are symptomatic of other more seriously mental ailments. e.g. psychotic behavior, obsession, obsessive compulsive disorder etc

As an example. You spent $20K+ on digital goods for a game you don't own, don't play - and by all accounts....wait for it....will **never** own. That's not normal. Granted, some other whales have done the same, but people are different and thus have different motivations. This is why you don't drink around alcoholics.

And you, a gamer like me, not liking (not a damn thing you can do about it. so deal with it bitch) what I was posting in my blogs and social media about a game you backed (and in too deep on), decided that the best course of action was to create/mod a Reddit page with my name, then use that, and your Reddit page, and social media as an attack platform.

Pretty much the same thing you do all over the net at various forums where either me or Star Citizen are discussed. You are the very definition of a cult member who thinks that attacking others, even backers, is your gift to a community that has since banned and kicked you out.

And you want to cry foul? You've got some fucking nerve, little man.

Here's the thing. You need to talk to your wife. Explain to her that instead of working on healing, you're picking Internet fights. And that now you've really stepped in it by starting a vendetta against the one person on this God's Earth who has the power and resources to legally turn your entire life inside out the minute you slip up. And you will slip up. People like you always do. It's just a matter of time.

While you're spending money on bullshit, wasting the govt time on inconsequential inquiries, mine goes toward meaningful and worthy causes. You know, like paying attorneys to hold people like you (now I know who you are) accountable for their deeds and actions.

You're not anon. And you're not anyone that I give a shit about it. But now that you have my attention, you may not like the outcome.

So you want to play? Let's play.

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