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18th Sep 2015 from TwitLonger

Xrd noobage: preliminary Dragon Install studies

I dont know why you'd read this if you dont alredy know but let's state the facts anyway. Dragon Install is a super that buffs you for 7 seconds.
+ it makes you and your normals faster
+ powers up your specials so they can combo into and out of each other, which leads to corner carry from anywhere
- has a 1 second recovery animation after the time is up
- depletes all your meter when it ends

Going straight to the point: you don't wanna use this from a neutral standpoint for the obvious reason that you're betting both meter and eating a punish that you'll get a conversion right away from turning into Chipp on steroids. Yeah, I dont like that.

So a better ideia would be to enter DI when you already have an advantage, but then you are betting the same as before on the fact that the opponent is going to make a mistake and get hit in the next 5 seconds (giving you at least 2 seconds to combo into something that'll let you exit DI safely). Yeaaa- nope!

A smarter approach then would be to go into DI from a hit, but here is the tricky part: you can only do it from certain starters (command throw, anything into 6P near corner, fafnir near corner) and it is only worth it when at the start of the combo you have more than 60% meter, so that during it you can build enough meter for a DI Tyrant Rave which is the only way the investment will be worth it in damage comparatively to just doing regular TR at the end of a BNB or holding the meter.

Even then, in a game as momentum based as GG it is questionable if doing that for a life lead is worth it if in the end you'll go back to neutral without any meter. Also you still have to worry about their burst, a good oponent could burst right as your time is running out and you'll be screwed.

So we arrive at the heart of my question: "when is a good time to go for DI, really?"

If you were paying attention before you might think that certainly when it leads to a kill. Well, not necessarily. Due to high gutts in hellfire mode when they are near death the additional amount of hits you do in DI actually makes a good difference, but I found out that if you have more than 75% meter at the start, instead of a killing DI combo you can also go for a Kudakero> RC> Instant Kill since you will generate the other 25% until that part of his regular corner BNB.

So the conditions for a guaranteed good time to go for a Dragon Install combo become:
1) when opponent is near death and has no burst
2) when you have more than 60% meter
3) when he is not already in the corner and you have no more than 75% meter

.... so in the end, pretty situational I guess?

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