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16th Sep 2015 from TwitLonger

Star Citizen Rumor Mill

My next blog, "Star Citizen - The Long Con" is completed, but I am awaiting clarification on some recent developments before I publish it.

I was going to mention this in that blog, but I have been hearing some things about the RSI studio in Austin.

It just so happens that three people have been quietly laid off, and one quit.

Ben Bechtel
Jeff Parker
Nate Blaisdell (quit)
Ryan Archer

Word is, it looks like they are going to continue laying off people quietly before shuttering the studio at some point. Which sounds to me like a way around the WARN Act, not to mention bad PR.


Sandra (aka Sandi), has apparently threatened to quit. Again. And now, the previous job listing for a marketing person, appears to have been reworded to appear as if she's no longer in that role. Which, considering her bogus (yes, it's a confirmed fact) credentials and a looming lawsuit, probably makes sense.

I'm not even going to mention the rumored two year backlog for 3D ship models, nor the fact that the next upcoming ship sales, are all concepts which currently have no modeling schedule.

More as this develops.

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