Lip Service: Guardian nails new Corbyn outrage!

I suppose this is the kind of sophisticated, nuanced -- and above all, deeply meaningful -- reportage we can look forward to from the Guardian, after their beloved Westminister Blairite-Thatcherite general consensus insider bubble was popped by the ignorant rabble in the Labour election:

"One onlooker at the service said they had watched Corbyn for several minutes as the national anthem was being sung and did not see his lips move."

Oh the horror. The horror! What next? What fresh hell awaits from this dastardly man? One thing is certain: the Guardian will be on hand -- or at least second- or third-hand -- to report what "onlookers" have to say about it! They will help the government protect us -- and our precious children -- from this new threat to our "national security."

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