1.02 patch changes (rip johnny backdash, rip jam throw damage)


Version changed to 1.02.

The "dramatic finish" that occurs when both player's health are low has had it's occurring distance shortened.

Fixed a bug where Sin couldn't regular jump after doing a super-jump Beak Driver.

Fixed a bug where Elphelt and her opponent would be affected by projectiles during "Judge Better Half"'s cinematic.

Fixed a bug where the self-destruct hitbox wouldn't come out when Elphelt got hit while throwing her grenade in shotgun stance.

Shortened Johnny's backdash invulnerability slightly.

Shortened Jam's backdash invulnerability slightly.

Added proration to Jam's ground and air throws.

Fixed a bug where attacks hit from unnatural place if the 2nd hit of Jam's ground throw whiffs.

Fixed a bug where you lose the ability to act when thrown by Jam's air throw low to the ground.

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