Thoughts on new COL defenseman Brandon Gormley. A former not just good, but elite prospect, has seen his stock plummet since turning pro.

In evaluations, a critical turning point for Canadian players is that jump from Major Junior to the pros. In a matter of months to a year, a so-so prospect can become a very good one, and a great one can quickly underwhelm by "proving the concept" so to speak, that they can or can't play in a top professional league.

Gormley's strength as a U20 was his hockey sense, and his ability to control a game at both ends. As a pro, he's struggled with the physicality as well as the speed of the game, often getting exposed with outside speed, but also decision making unlike his Junior incarnation.

He's an example of many that have happened and many more to come, of the extreme variance in prospect development, and why you need to constantly re-evaluate players year to year.

That being said, while he longer is anywhere in the same realm of prospect as the Gormley from a few years ago, his vision, creativity, and positional play can still possibly get him a full-time NHL job. Maybe he can turn things around and elevate himself, crazier things have happened.

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