Tommey · @Tommey

9th Sep 2015 from TwitLonger

We didn't want to announce anything until tomorrow night but with all of this going on now we're left with no choice. As some of you have seen, we've released Urban, Peatie and LXT from Vitality due to it not really working out as we first planned, and the management not happy with how things were going. I wish all of them the best and hope they all find the right teams where they can perform to their best ability. With that being said we're bringing in Swanny, MadCat and Joee. I shall be changing over to a main SMG alongside Joee (it's been a long time, so bare with me) while Swanny and Dylan will be the main BALs, we'll be attending DH London and also the MLG World Finals next month.

Apologies to everyone for all of the team changes that have been happening over the last few months as most of them stem from myself, but I think this will be the best squad we've ever had under Vitality and hopefully we can bring some tournament wins to the Vitality name.

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