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eSports problems I have recently noticed

Org Player involvement
Somewhere along the line esports players started to think that they should be paid for just playing the game. Wrong. We are in a marketing industry, if a player is not marketable then they are not capable of making money unless they win and get a cut of the prize money. No organization “wants” to take a cut of prize money but some smaller ones have to do so to get by. A player should consider the prize money a performance bonus of sorts, because it was all of their hard work they did that paid off. The salary or travel money on the other hand is based on performance outside of the game , if you make it your weekly job to show support for the companies that support you then you will be much more successful. AND again I can guarantee you will earn more money in this situation. I would rather have a top 4 team with a million followers and 10 happy sponsors than a t2 team with 200k followers and 2 happy sponsors. Winning isn’t everything and neither is marketing. It is both that lead to success. Depending on which game these are weighed differently.

Organizations. Stop paying players if they stop promoting the brands that make the orgs tick. If they have a problem then refer to the contract that was written that says they have to work with the org and promote the sponsors (If you are reading this and say wait that isn’t written in my contract then you better go get it re written) . Without sponsors this industry would be 1/10th of its size they are VERY IMPORTANT. Every company contract should have a list of deliverables that a player has to follow. It is the org and the players job to make the sponsor happy.

I had a long conversation the other day with a player that said organizations should not make a profit they are blessed to deal with the players and enjoy how much the players grow the brand. THIS IS BULLSHIT. If you cannot create a win win situation where the org and players make money then your org will shortly if not already be dead.

Coach Org involvement
If a coach wants to be “here for the players and the players only” then that is great let the players pay him. If a coach is working for the organization and helping the players along the way then he/she deserves the salary that you are giving them for working WITH the org. Having a good coach makes everything easier but if you have a coach that is a middle man between the org and the players and is looking out for only the players then that is unhealthy and in this situation that is more of an agent and there is no reason that a agent should be paid by the organization. Stop allowing this to occur within your organization it is unhealthy for everyone. What you want for your org is a Manager/Coach not an agent.

Just to reiterate
You are blessed to be able to work in this industry (owners and players), it does not owe you anything you have to nurture it in order for it to grow with you, this is the same for the games you play and the organizations and sponsors you work with. Saying “This game fucking blows” makes you lose fans and spouting negativity about the company you work with makes you look weak. If you have a problem then fix it.

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