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8th Sep 2015 from TwitLonger

Reason I am leaving Netflix n Chill

After having a discussion with Proxy I have decided that I will be leaving the team. After the recent leaving of Tynz,Proxy decided to pick up enQu to play as support for the team. With this he also wanted to try out his friend Zindurn as jungler. He subbed in during an EGL tournament yesterday which I didn't really want to play as I don't see it as proper casting and because I don't need gems,a waste of time. This gave the team the impression that I didn't fully care or commit to the team and that " I didn't want to win",we both saw it different ways I guess.

I'm not going to write alot more about this because I could talk shit and there wouldn't be much point apart from starting EU drama lol. I have to say it wasn't as fun as it was playing with them after Tynz left the team,I guess Zindurn will be playing as jungle and Kuresento as mid. It was kind of a waste of my time but i'm not going to blame them for that.I feel more forced out of this team but that's whatever and I don't have any hard feelings towards any of the players. Best of luck to them all <3

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