I am stepping down as Coach for Origen

Hey everyone!

First up, I wanted to thank YOU for the great support you have given us over the season, it has been an amazing split and seeing the support from the community made it even more enjoyable.

While I'm proud of the team, that they rightfully qualified for the world championship, I did inform them yesterday, that I will be leaving the team and won't attend at Worlds. This has been on my mind for a while, but I pushed myself hard to help the players through playoffs and not hurt their chances to qualify.

There are many reasons for this decision, but I don't intend to share any details with the public. I can say that Origen as an organisation is very player focused / protective, which makes it difficult as an authority figure to push changes and break old habits. Not being able to contribute as much as I want to and being limited in my role built up a fair share of frustration. I's important to me, that I don't stagnate and improve as a person and go beyond taking care of analysis and preparation.

I did enjoy my time in this team, it was fun working with players trying their very best to improve, constantly thinking about the game and working their way to the top as a team..
As for the future, I'll be taking a longer break and won't participate in the spring split and likely return around summer.

I would like to thank all the players, especially Peke for giving me this opportunity, our analyst Hermit, our manager Sergio and our sport psychologist Robert. I wish you the very best and I'm certain you will do a great job at representing Europe this year.

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