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30th Aug 2015 from TwitLonger

Assange statement re: President Evo Morales flight and Edward Snowden

Sun Aug 30 21:50:30 UTC 2015

There have been recent media reports making claims in relation to the closing of European airspace to President Evo Morales in 2013 over false US intelligence claims that Edward Snowden was onboard the flight.

These recent statements are inaccurate. The Bolivian newspaper which originated the story has already retracted its headline. The quotes on which the original story was purported to be based were mistranslated from English (to Spanish).

To clarify:

1. At no time did WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, WikiLeaks or its representatives ask President Maduro of Venezuela to ask President Evo Morales anything in relation to the matter of Mr. Snowden's asylum.

2. At no stage was there a discussion between Julian Assange and President Marduro over Edward Snowden in relation to President Evo Morales' jet.

3. At no stage was there a plan that we are aware of to use President Evo Morales' jet to transport Edward Snowden.

4. The United States, Spain, France and Portugal are entirely responsible for their decision act against the Maduro flight in violation of international law (the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations). Even if Mr. Snowden had been onboard as an asylum seeker, which he was not, this would remain the case.

Julian Assage responded: "The US government acted unlawfully together with France, Spain and Portugal to close their airspace to a perfectly normal Presidential jet flight. These states cannot wriggle out of their responsibility and have serious questions to answer. Not only did these states act illicitly they publicly squandered their diplomatic capital on the wrong flight: their arrogance eclipsed only by their incompetence. "

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