30th Aug 2015 from TwitLonger

So I can finally confirm that Archon and I parted ways. Archon is going to publish a statement very soon. Since it's 1 am in korea and I have a meeting tomorrow it will take another day for me to write mine. I do want to get a couple of things out of the way already tho.
My contract did not involve streaming and I did not break it in any way.
About ATLC:
Before ATLC I played practice bo5's basically all day for 2 weeks as I wanted to be prepared for korea. I practiced all classes and therefor chose to pick classes last every week. So considering I always played the leftover classes I really think my performance was decent. The last week there was some misunderstanding leading to my teammates believing the deck submissions were at a later time than they actually were so they gave me their classes a relatively short time before actual submission. I planned on bringing rogue and druid, and was just practicing paladin to see if it migh be better than druid. When - against my expectations - firebat picked rogue this week after me playing it for 7 weeks I didn't want to play hunter since it seemed weak against the new dragon decks and went with paladin and druid instead. I still believe those were good deck choices.
Sure you can argue with plays I made but if there was no room for arguements every player would always make the same play and there wouldn't be competitive hearthstone. I do believe the plays i made were correct/reasonable with the info I had.

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