@jdavismemphis @charlesfrith @christinechadwi @sibeledmonds we catch the mole?

I thought Tom sounded nervous when Sibel discussed her book "Lone Gladio" with Tom and Pearse. That's just my opinion, of course, but this comment thread below is telling (I've marked it with asterisks ****).

If the sinking of the USS Liberty doesn't make clear Zionism's ability to get away with murder (literally), what does? If Tom is claiming this is just another drop in the geopolitical bucket, he should offer counter examples, not just disclaim it as another case of "friendly fire." CuChulainn's point is that Tom is spreading disinformation himself, and I agree....

Now to back up a little, I believe the ideologies drowning us are anti-capitalistic in nature, i.e. "cultural marxism", "fabian socialism", "eugenics".

Often the label used to capture US aggression is "imperialism" but the imperial powers of the past were not hidden. I'm talking about pre-civil-war era when we had the Russian empire, British empire, Ottoman empire, and I would say the US federal system.

Now all these empires were destroyed and the last one, the US federal system was hijacked by bolshevism or predecessors to modern day zionism.

The point here is that the "free market" has been demonized. The narrative behind the perpetual aggression is that capitalism trends towards evil, businessmen trend towards greed, and nature is constantly under attack because of man's free will and only the "omnipotent" force of the state can save us. (Prof. Fekete might say the only thing truly omnipotent is the power to adapt via humanity's ability to coordinate in a decentralized fashion -- the trinity of inventor/capitalist/entrepreneur).

Legal tender laws and the perversion of the federal reserve (all documented well by @feketeResearch) have outlawed capitalism. What we have is a zionist capture of the system: media, markets, governments, etc -- fake or false-capitalism.

Real capitalism still exists on some level, I mean, we all go to restaurants and dine and there is an exchange; but the progressive nature of true capitalism is basically a distant memory or is simply suppressed by all the wannabe-intellectuals parading around at speaking tours with their six figure salaries and what not.

If zionism is humanity's enemy, what is humanity's ally? Voluntaryism, free exchange, rule of law, classical liberalism, libertarianism, Jeffersonian Democracy: these are all synonymous. One can't have voluntary exchange without contracts, and one can't have contracts without rule of law. The Quran sums this up by saying the shopkeeper's duty is to weigh accurately. Ron Paul and Prof. Fekete both emphasize the proper role of (small) government: ensuring just weights and measures.

I believe the ancient world was a sort of "zenful" place sustained by the Vedas, with its height being Zoroaster in Babylon. Now we must push through and radically return to these ancient roots to cultivate and sustain us into a modern future. Richard Cottrell calls himself a "radical conservative" and this label makes sense to me. Radical truly means a return to the root of things, and the root of (true) religion and (true) exchange is not evil at all but something beautiful.

We must get our memes straight to speed up this Evolution that is underway.



CuChulainn says:
June 8, 2015 at 7:52 am
i really have been trying to stay out this discussion, since its premises are so repugnant, but this latest howler from Tom is over the top.
“I don’t buy this ‘only Israel would get away with what they did to the USS Liberty’ – I’m pretty sure people get killed through friendly fire/misidentification all the time.”
once again an outrageous statement followed by a tenuously qualified non-argument (“I am pretty sure…”)
i know firsthand that not just the Navy officers and crew in question knew exactly what happened from June 8 1967, 48 years ago today, but that INR at State in the ’70s was fully aware that the Israelis were lying when they claimed friendly fire/misidentification.
the now publicly available historical record shows that the claim of friendly fire/misidentification can only be understood as disinformation, and by repeating that claim here Tom is perpetrating disinformation himself

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