List of testimonies on Psyguy (BitPolarGame) and CrikeyDave.

So the SuperPsyguy callout was nuked. Tumblr support didn't send us any email about it, so we're still in the dark as to the reason it was removed for the time being. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE REPLACEMENT BLOGS. We're working on getting it back.

Here's a list of the archived testimonies. I encourage everyone who sees this and wants to help to spread this around however you can. More people posting this list will make it utterly impossible for the evidence to be erased in any way.

SuperPsyguy Callout Master Post:

Psy's very obvious lie:

Psy taking down everything in an attempt to destroy evidence:

Shannon aka irldiglett, formerly TripleWipe45:
Evidence of Dave Smith aka CrikeyDave's abusive behavior and pedophilia:

Tara Welker aka TLWelker / Amethyst Lashiec / Ame Tenchi / AmerZ-ChaN:
Tara confirms Dave's abuse of Shannon:

Liz Losey aka Ristaroll/Blizooka/Rahleigh:

Filthy aka thatfilthyanimal:

Christina Warren aka Prasm/Prismaya:


Tara Jenkins:

Sharon aka WhiteAier:

Madison aka CynderMizuki:

Jess aka QuietJESS:

Steph ODell:



N (fans of whachow will recognize her):

Smellestine aka Spring the Rabbit:

Jen Irwin:


Cailen Denton aka cailencrow:

Jake aka Niro Rose:

Mike Renner:

Ricky aka Meta / ScrambledMeta:

Cory Holmes aka Sprite37:

Kris Kail aka DUDEGURLZ on twitter/MUSCLETOWER host:

Other testimonies:

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