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22nd Aug 2015 from TwitLonger

The Truth about Andy Muirhead of Scotzine

Many will remember when Muirhead's name appeared in The Gazette and his reaction to this paticular notice. People immediately pointed out to Muirhead that his name was mentioned and certainly not with anything with honour.

Muirhead's immediate reaction was to deny that the person mentioned was not him. In fact for two full days he denied that the Andrew Muirhead of 118 Crossmill Avenue, Barrhead, Glasgow was not him. In fact his denials were and became very vehement. In fact if you did not know this serial liar you would have believed that this was in fact an innocent man defending his integrity.

But most people know that Muirhead is a consistent liar, despite his claims that he only likes to deal in facts, and when confronted with a fact he actually denied the fact. While Muirhead was in the process of completely denying the truth, unknown to him some were already in possession of the truth. You see his wife was also named in the same Gazette and everybody knew that an Andrew and Lisa Muirhead was just to much of a coincidence not to be the intrepid ''journalast''

Here was the better half of Andrew Muirhead mentioned in The Gazette https://m.thegazette.co.uk/notice/E-27175-80

Despite this fact, Muirhead continued to deny that what was being claimed about his creditors was nothing but ''lies and smears''.

Muirhead had entered into a Protected Trust Deed. Here is a definition of a Protected Trust Deed https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protected_trust_deed

Now I can tell you that The intrepid journalist entered into this Protected Trust Deed on the 12/11/2012.

Now the representatives for Muirhead in this trust were Iain C Forsyth CA from

Carrington Dean
Full Address
135 Buchanan Street, GLASGOW, G1 2JA

So far these are what Muirhead likes to describe the facts. But let me tell you a little bit more at this point. I confronted Muirhead on numerous occasions about what exactly this Protected Trust Deed consisted of. In fact I quoted him the amounts and what was included and Muirhead reacted with fury threatening that I would hear from his solicitor as he believed that I had broken the Data Protection Act. How that information was obtained will forever remain a secret and Muirhead will never know that information.

The total amount of the Protected Trust deed that Muirhead entered into was £8540.00.

That amount included unpaid tax and he was also paid to much state benefit which he did not pay back. And also included was a quick quid loan of £750.

Muirhead did pay his solicitor costs which amounted to £1250 and that was the last thing this intrepid journalist with no integrity paid.

Now what was agreed in the Protected Trust to repay his creditors was the sum of £150 per month. Muirhead failed to pay this. His creditors then agreed to reduce this sum to £100 per month and Muirhead again broke this arrangement and failed to repay his overpaid state benefits and tax and quick quid loans debts.

Finally his creditors sickened by his behaviour and even Mr Forsyth who was patiently acting on Muirhead's behalf lost patience and decided enough was enough.

The Protected Trust Deed was broken and the creditors and Mr Forsyth knew that he had no intention of paying anything back. So what we had was this below


If you open this document up you will see Muirhead named. You will also see the date the Trust was set up which was 12/11/2012.

You will see another date. This is Trustee Discharge Date 18/06/2014. (Discharged only because it was broken by Muirhead and was no longer valid because agreement broken)

What you wont see is any date next to Debtor Discharge Date. This is because Muirhead broke that agreement and arrangement.

Now all the above are facts and the truth right down to very amounts Muirhead owed his creditors and the agreed monthly arrangement.

What I find remarkable is the fact that included in the amounts was tax and state benefits from a man who constantly berets Rangers fans about such things.

Now if all the above is not the case I expect Muirhead to produce ''facts'' that he did not break his Trust Deed and that it did not consist of state benefits and tax. I also hear that charges are being added by his creditors and they are now looking Mr Muirhead no longer protected by the Protected Trust Deed.

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