I Suck At Smite ATM

Hi guys Giliara/Gili here and the now former solo laner of Team eLevate. Today I was notified by our coach Narrian that the eLevate organization was not satisfied with my play as a solo laner and that they would be looking for a replacement for me in the SPL. I was extremely sad to hear this and I knew that I hadn't been performed well in the first week of the SPL and I tried my hardest to try to improve this week to show that I was good enough for the team. Sadly my best wasn't good enough, and I will be replaced. I want to thank my team for putting up with me for so long and I can guarantee I am more disappointing in myself than you guys all put together are. I'm also extremely sorry to my 3 fans that I had (TeeVee you should probably take me off your fantasy team now :P). When I created Yomi I planned on making a team of great players and great people whom I enjoyed playing with, and I think that I accomplished that and I had fun with them until the end. Another reason why I made Yomi was after going to worlds last January I was really motivated to push myself to become one of the best players because all I wanted to do was play on the stage and I thought I could do that with Yomi. Although we hit some snags as every team does, and had a few roles swaps and added a new member we made it to the SPL and I was so proud of everyone on the team. Now though with me being a roadblock to the team's success I can not stand in their way with my poor performances in scrims and the SPL. I wish my former team good luck in the SPL and i hope you guys get to the regional LAN. Maybe one day I'll play with or against you guys again, but for now I will be taking a small break from competitive Smite as I get readjusted back to school. If I do choose to keep playing competitively I will not be playing solo. See you guys later <3.

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