Epiphany Bolt roster change

It´s truly unfortunate that we are in this situation where none of us wants to be, changing a player was not part of our plan, neither was standing still with progress...

It's a pity that in Finland we have atleast three players who could reach top level and be able to compete with top10 teams, only their attitude and a bit of mental issue ruin their possible career, sad part is it affects all other top players in Finland negatively. Nevertheless Juho is a decent guy outside the game and we all had a blast with him during our events.

Moving on! At the same time I am glad that we have found a replacement so fast and not just any, but Epiphanys very own core member Lasse "ZOREE" Uronen will be back with us. Majority of his unpredictable real life issues and bad timetable at work now being history he will be able to focus more on CS once again. With ZOREE in the team we managed to win RCTIC LAN, Vectorama, ESEA Main and CEVO Intermediate. I am certain that if we can put enough time and effort into it, we will be a tier 2-3 team in 4-6months, without a doubt.

Best of luck Juho in your future endeavours and welcome back to the team ZOREE!

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