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"The memories I have with the family and the locals, I’m sure I won’t forget them for the rest of my life"

Kang Minhyuk, who starred in "My Husband Got a Family", “The Heirs” recently experienced living abroad on a variety show and displayed great individuality in a reasoning game show. We asked him what’s appealing for individual diversification in Korean variety shows.

-You are again appearing in Crime Scene2. Can u explain us what kind of show it is?

We are practically reconstructing different incidents. We go on site where the incident happened and pretend to be the suspect. It’s a mystery game variety show in which we search the culprit through reasoning.

-To what degree do you know the setting before recording?

The cast going on site where it happened has no information. We all do reasoning at the incident site.

-How is the actual recording? Are you the type to like solving mysteries?

Rather than liking using reasoning to solve problems, the recording requires being assertive. To find the culprit, sorting out the vast information is important but unfolding the psychological warfare of the cast on site is important as well. The process of finding the culprit is very thrilling.

-What kind of program is “Mom is watching”?

It’s the kind where we do surveys for parents wanting to protect their children. A mom’s thoughts on wanting to know about her child while protecting him, various talks are unfolded.

-About “Mom is watching”, considering the feelings of both mother and child, there are bound to be new discoveries; did anything in particular remain in your memory?

A mother who thought her son had a tendency to become a shut-in, doing work from home only, put in a request to the show. Actually her son was a VJ for an internet program and he did everything alone until the recording. That effort and passion surprised me. The mother found out about the misunderstanding that had her worried.

-Experiencing life in a foreign country with a virtual family of celebrities through “Brave family”. Please tell us impressions about the program.

I went with the”family” to Cambodia and Laos. It was an unfamiliar environment, but nothing big happened. But finding out the worth of coexistence became precious time. The air was clear there,I’m sure I will never forget the memories I made with the family and the locals.

-How were the areas where you actually stayed? The place that impressed you the most is?

All the places I went to in Cambodia and Laos made an impression. Among them, the most impressive was Tonle Sap lake in Cambodia. We went to that place to work but I still remember how I felt when I first stepped there.

-It’s a real variety show focusing on living with “family”. Please tell us episodes with the family that didn’t pass for broadcast.

This happened when we were in the saltfield village in Laos. Everyone was having a hard time and we decided to have bibimbap when we get back. But there’s no gochujang in Laos so it was unavoidable to use the local soy sauce for seasoning, but at that time Park Joomi brought out gochujang. It was gochujang in a tube. She concealed it in a toiletries-like pouch. Thanks to her we had delicious bibimbap (laugh).

-Living in an unfamiliar place. What was the most difficult?

There is a matter of convenient-inconvenient, but there was no big discrepancy in terms of living. Of course it took some time until we got used and it was hard. The most anxious thing was “I’m the eldest son and I have to fulfill my duties properly”. I wanted to become someone father, mother, the uncle-aunt couple and the sisters could look up to.

-You have a good brother-sister relationship with Seolhyun from AOA. Previously, Jonghyun and Seolhyun starred in OM. I'm sure you were monitoring, how was it? Since you know a lot about acting, please tell us your thoughts about it as a viewer.

Being in the same agency I’ve known Jonghyun oniisan and Seolhyun since we were trainees, and they have a family-like relantionship, even after the groups started doing activities. When I first saw them act I felt like seeing my family on TV and it was somehow strange, but after a while got immersed in the story and enjoyed watching them.

-Since we talked about going to a remote region and living with a virtual family for the real variety show Brave family, if you were to be in a program as a virtual couple, who and how would your daily life be?

I never thought about it.But if I were to do it, being married for the first time will probably be fun.

-Lately you did numerous variety shows in Korea. What kind of program would you like to try next? What kind of production would you like to challenge as an actor?

Rather than fabricating something new , I want to be on a show where the viewers can watch over me comfortably seeing a natural appearance. The actor Kang Minhyuk is again standing at the starting line, I want to challenge all sorts of roles, pursuing a character I’m good at portraying. I would be happy to show a different appearance.

- Apart from the many accomplishments, if you were to start something new, what would you like to challenge?

Recently, I started doing flower arrangements. Other than that, I want to have fun doing hobbies I never got a chance to do before.

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