It has been 24 hours since we began, let's go over the details. #FaTransparency

24 hours ago, we first began posting the details of former FA staff member Renashe's telling of her time time as an FA administrator. You can find her journal, logs and etc here :

We now also have backups, and

The Imgur link originally had almost half of the images reported and removed.

The initial response to the event was journal deletions and bans for most people re-posting the journal and accompanying links.

The ban reasons cited were not to post sensitive personal information, despite the images not having any of that. Among those banned was former FA forums mod Raptors/Kalmor, who received a main site ban as well despite never having posted the links at all.

Dragoneer nor Chase delivered any official comments or statement on the situation within the first 24 hours, however Chase was roaming the forums in private mode, and deleting all shouts off of his page periodically as the day went by.

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