[Trans Top vol 43 -Jonghyun- part2]

-Appearing in season 4. Is there anything different about WGM from when you were part of the audience and now that you are actually in it?

There are no big differences form what I imagined it would be. From watching the broadcast to the first filming, I had no idea who my partner would be. That’s why I didn’t know who my WGM partner is until the day before filming.

-CNBLUE members do monitoring; did you receive any advice, who did you talk to more about WGM? Is it Yonghwa, with experience in appearing on this program?

I always talk about various things with the members. Especially Yonghwa, who had experience with this show, in the beginning gave me a lot of advice.

-You also appear in the variety show “Fluttering India”. What do you remember most about filming in India?

Playing ad-lib with guitar in a city in India, singing “My love” remained in my memory. I wanted to do that at least once when I go on a trip. I made 2, 3 songs while I was there too.

-Kyuhyun from SJ, Minho from Shinee, Kpop idols going on a trip. Please tell us of any secret, special episodes or conversations from inside the car,impressions from when the camera wasn’t rolling.

There wasn’t any special episode. Impressions…being an overseas location, because we love korean cooking, especially samgyeopsal, I remember we made a promise to go out and eat delicious samgyeopsal when we get back to S.Korea (laugh).

-This time you went to India for filming; next, is there a place you’d like to go to in private?

Lately, rather than going to a famous tourist attraction, I really want to go to a resort. After filming for OM ends, I want to go somewhere…

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