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14th Aug 2015 from TwitLonger

Upcoming Stars join Team JusTus

I am super excited to announce that Upcoming Stars have been acquired by Team JusTus. When I took on role of manager for Stars on Wednesday, my goal was to find a home that felt like family for my team and I have been working hard to find a brand that would fit us. We found that with Team JusTus and with our new roster.

The JusTus Smite PC Team is:

Xephyr - Jungle
Fexez - Mid
Qiwen - Support
Sozage - Solo
Ruler & Flareb00t - coaches
Lydia - Manager

I want to thank my team for believing in me to get this done and welcome Team JusTus to Smite. We'll play under the new name tomorrow against London Conspiracy for our first SPL game of the Fall Split.

Follow Team JusTus at:

"After joining Upcoming Stars on Wednesday, I have been working hard to find us an organization that we can call home. I am excited to announce that we have found our home with the family of Team JusTus, and I am excited to prove we have what it takes to compete with the best with JusTus on our side." -Lydia, manager.

"I'm really excited to announce that we are now sponsored by Team JusTus. With the fusing of both Upcoming Stars and Team Arcadia we feel stronger than ever, and with the support of Team JusTus we are eager to prove we have what it takes to compete in this Split as a unit." -Xephyr, jungler.

“Today we have announced our sponsorship with Team JusTus. I am very excited about our roster and having a sponsor that is ready to support us thoroughly. We will be bringing this momentum to the SPL.” - Ruler, coach.

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