Jimmy McGhie: Winged Goddess of Victory

This has all the attributes of a great, even award winning show. Very funny and portrayed with emotion. The comedian's father sounds like a real character and McGhie's stories were so unbelievably good that you didn't want them to end.

McGhie admits he was lazy and happy to live for the moment. Now, with no mortgage, no family and not even an Apple Book, it's time to take stock of his life.

McGhie gives a great performance and is such a likeable guy; even with his tales about middle class upbringing and rebellious years, you'll find it extremely hard not to warm to him.

I loved the show, I only wish he'd done more with it. It may be a personal tale that's probably difficult to express but had he played on our emotions more, he'd have been looking at a 5 star review.

Comedy Reviewer 7/10
#edfringe 4 stars

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