Simon Slack: The Fantasist

Surreal. It may have been 11pm but I didn't expect this! A one man physical theatre / creative dance / audio performance that's a tad strange, a little crazy but oh so good! (I didn't expect that either).
The opening scene was one of dance and it simulated masturbation (if you think that sounds odd you should see where he put the marshmallows!)

You need to stick with this one as it's a little odd but the story definitely develops. It's sad and heart-warming all at the same time.

I absolutely loved the drug taking scene where the audience gets involved by swallowing blues and dawning free glasses, giving you a comedy perspective of a drug users vision. It's hilarious, it's clever and really quite stunning.

What really stands out with this show is how well it's performed. Slack is extremely talented and I'm sure he'll have a great career ahead of him.

Go on, give this show a try, it's on the free fringe so there is nothing to lose.

Comedy Reviewer 7/10
#edfringe 4 stars ****

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