As of today I will no longer be working as an analyst with TSM.

As of today I will no longer be working as an analyst with TSM. I have spent the last 14 months working with the team and have learned more about the game than I ever would have imagined. Locodoco and the players have been consistently receptive to my analysis and feedback, and have also taught me a great deal about strategy and teamplay in League of Legends. I’ve had the ability to be involved in World Finals preparation, attend multiple tournaments, and stay in the TSM house during the Spring Playoffs. These were all great opportunities and I'd like to thank Locodoco and the staff for making it all possible.

Recently, with Parth in-house and Reginald as acting head coach, TSM is now running with 3 on-site staff members helping the team prepare for upcoming matches. As the sole online member of the coaching staff this split, my role has been less impactful than I would like. Much of the match and strategy preparation is being done by Reginald, Locodoco and the team in person. As a result, we have mutually decided to part ways.

I feel that TSM is looking very strong going into the next round of the LCS playoffs. With Reginald involved, TSM has a strong coaching staff, and I have full confidence that they will perform well.

I do not plan on leaving e-sports any time soon. In the short term, I think this opens up some new opportunities. I have over a year of experience working with a top western team and have the ability to create content and share knowledge of not only the playoffs of all regions, but of Worlds as well. Stay tuned for some content in the next few days, and good luck to TSM in their upcoming semifinals match.

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