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8th Aug 2015 from TwitLonger

Testimony from a source in the Maldives about the #Vabbinfaru debris #MH370

What follows below is the verbatim account from a trusted source in the Maldives.

"Since Deputy Manager said it was taken thilafushi for destroy and it was 2 months ago... and since nobody cares to find out what was that... but it was seen all people there .... and this photo is confirm photo.

name is Deputy General Manager Mohamed Naseem.

some people ask this is not real yesterday and that's why we push media repot call them to resort and confirm about your resort name is using on social media and it's true or not true.
Then General Manager told all stories to media ... and the Reporter put in media... A General Manager will not tell lies since Banyan Tree is international brand resort.

My view is to get trust news to u... and evidence we don't have now but this is trust source of story written.

all Staffs that seen that and even who took the photo... They said since normal procedure they had taken thilafushi and destroy and even some one or two Staffs told they thought it was a aircraft or some related thing but since kudahuvadhoo people also when they said first or so many times told nobody believes that's why they destroy ...

Since it was within 2 months time they saw and even that time MH parts or things not seen in the Reunion and that time Australia and Malaysia was looking or searching area in near Australia ...

After they Destroy and after one month the media came that some parts had seen in Reunion they realise that it was may be part of MH or another aircraft... only option is analysis the photo now...

Aircraft eng or Investigation officer must check these photos he believes like us.

This is first time they had seen like that and even after 2 months it sees in Reunion Island that means it was in this region and must check current and whether how it is moving ...

My source said first heard or lost MH 370 this area even Maldives and reunion area search operation check it is possibility of 80% if this area have can will see clearly ...

all parts more .. more than one year there realise it was indian ocean ...

Actually From here also they never request to search. From here they never ask any one. Because MH investigation team never consider what happens here that's why MNDF also never try .. until now also same their focus never comes here ...yes.. Because this Maldives side never request to help for search, even to U.S.

They other one from Banyan Tree found its look like Seat or some thing and even It's more likely aircraft thing. This one there is a block straight one and the colour also cement colour and so on... my view.

what they have now not same as what they had before."

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