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4th Aug 2015 from TwitLonger


My apologies if I'm taking a copied page out of Darzers book.

I've played SMITE for quite awhile now and, as a player/competitor the only response that can be given is avid experience. Going into this time-frame there was an idea of how, potentially, being in e-sports would transpire but the reality is completely different. This isn't to say different in a bad way -- just different. With that being said I think my time playing SMITE has come to a close.

For a very long time I've had little to no fun playing the game and my goal has and will always be to simply have fun. I found myself just going through the motions for the sake of pride, I suppose. That should never be the case and I would be remiss if I continued down this path. With a notion of this I believe that's why some months back I had already began preparing for the next move, more specifically with being accepted into a PhD program as well as pursuing a secondary BA.

So without making a large deal out of it, and knowing in the grand scheme of things I'm such a small part, I would like to thank you guys for the experiences. Good or bad it's something. Unfortunately ones reputation may not be always in the best light and I can very much assure you it's mostly earned. However, for those I've had the rare pleasure and opportunity to help out along the way or vice versa, thank you.

My plans henceforth are to focus on school and, time permitting, find some games that I actually enjoy streaming/playing. This was always the goal and now I can stop being a jackass and adhere to it.

Short and sweet. #sub&donate

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