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Coffee can be good for you

Coffee can be good for you
@HealthRanger I Belief the study is a fraud to back the coffee industries(10 trillion a year-total workingforce lifes on it) against Warnings about coffee concerning severe brain damage and severe Life shortening of about ten years besides making nervous what is an unconcious respons of fear of death as the Body feels the poison as such fears also occur at poisonings with lead and mercury.

So this is Nothing to joke about or earn a dime at expense of so much suffering.

Simple ... make a Brain Scan and THEN when hooked up give a cup of coffee and We ll Speak again? Whole of Neocortex should light up as set on fire to die off through the years.
Another point is comparing to cultures which do Not use coffee have No heart attacks no headaches no bleedings and said is the fish they eat makes em healthy and such differences.

Anyway most damage in Western World = most by professional mass abuse torture poisoning and drugging of Children every year at schooltrips what causes all heart attacks(tortureblocks all emotions run dead against the chest and accumulate local stress) diabetes from Sleep deprivation and marked as torture by the UN and Migraine how painfull stil IS a trauma Healing of these crimes usualy accompagnied by black spots passing by..migraines usualy caused by fullfist blows in de necks and back of Heads atwhile being raped from behind.

Science given by the purpetrators formost and worst jews DO have much to hide...oldfield ajax beria monarch mkultra scientology and rabinal torture and Mind control programs and the centuries old religious horror upon that and thén at end of such horror week the foreigners gypsies and semites fullfist also will have a change to berry the crimes the jews nobilities elites high officials commited befor.

At end the Kids wil be abused in a local brothel preferably in their OWN living neighbourhoods

SO THEN also they have to live DAILY with AT LEAST 60 for Them utmost dangerous and treatening and supressing People in the area that abused them and surely did not forget Them and often later on also. This then is WHY Children WHEN Remembering anything first detect dad the neighbour the afrikan and VERY seldom a jew or nobil a judge a high official or minster or president.

Of COURSE coffee burns none any just wil not penetrate is NOT fat soluble..also whole of West is on obesitas all media scream also and that with for 10 trillion of coffee in their c mon hey?

Lots of cultures have no coffee and are slender.

This however Brings happiness without charging Users

And indeed burnst fat away and indeed Heals the Wounded Body and Indeed Heals diabetes Heals the Arteries Heals Nerves and even Brain damage and so much more even what you never heard of

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