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By way of deception thou shall do war #vaccin

Is japan stil at war with us?

By way of deception thou shall do war

Japan promissed if not by war by economics then they shall conquer the World

Economics ... banking finance media healthcare...?

All the sectors we do have so little Happiness from?

Japan was the one who did all the biological warfare programs and deseases

Worked ... works... close with the nazis

All West and World govs laws meds and media including hollywood is full of fled japanese warcriminals

Seem there have been more operations paperclip?

On tv most are japanese origine even the ones who dropped the nucear bombs on Japan were japanese who pose usualy as jews

Many police officers politicians medics are formost japanese origine now ..whitelooking but black asian black hair

All farma meds and chem compagnies owned by japanese by murder and fraud

War...maby ..also by vaccins and medics?

The asian extermination and colonisationwars stil going on maby?

At war by murdering all Our Children?

Seems vaccinations only are applied in only 23 Nations

None any of any Animal Kingdom Nor Insect Worlds ever needed vaccins and still are Healthy and Prospering

None any of the hundres of unvaccinated Nations do have epidemics

None any of the billions of Indi bading at the feaces and corps remnant invested Ganges had epidemics all centuries

None of any of the more than 10 billion exchanges of body fluids pis sperm feaces that we are contacting with daily seem the cause of any epidemic

The producers of the vaccins them selfes do not take these vaccins including hpv and birdflu

And together with their collaborators in media govs and law hostile against Critics

And it seems vaccins are applied racial

And these epidemics seem to occur only where jews are or will come like now in Afrika happens and in cases of warzones and disaster areas like earthquake areas


A big lie (German: Große Lüge) is a propaganda technique

India Holds Bill Gates Accountable For His Vaccine Crimes

Cancer Enzyme Being Injected into Kids in Vaccines

Rockefeller Medicine: #CrooksByNature

1931 Dr. Cornelius Rhoads, under the auspices of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations, infects human subjects with cancer cells.

develop cancer-causing viruses HTLV (Human T-cell Leukemia Virus) - AIDS may have been introduced via the Hepatitis B vaccine

& 15.000 years old recipe of enormous Healing broadband Effect >

A History Of US Secret Human Experimentation

1931 Dr. Cornelius Rhoads, under the auspices of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations, infects human subjects with cancer cells.

Doctor with breakthrough cancer treatment raided by federal agents and found murdered three days later-

Study: Is the whooping cough resurgence due to vaccinated people not knowing they’re infectious?

as many as 13.7 million Germans, had, by 1950, needlessly died as a result. … …

Mass Starvation of Germans, 1945-1950
Many many Deathcamps NOT by Germans BUT BY jews allieds communists

Mymy/god made free will… ” Yes but at ego beings like Mankind became by her ways of molest

The Use Of Spiritual Principles To Isolate The System From God

The British authorities erected concentration camps(1899–1902).
The British authorities erected concentration camps in South Africa to cut off the rural support base of the Boer guerrilla armies during the Second Anglo–Boer War (1899–1902). Large numbers of Boer women and children died in these camps of hunger, malnutrition, and typhus.


“Arianism” (named after Arius, a Christian leader in Alexandria)

Origin of the Ashkenazim and Sephardim Division in Jewry
Origin of the Ashkenazim and Sephardim Division in Jewry
The Jews who went to Europe via the east absorbed a substantial amount of European blood, and became known as the Ashkenazim, or European Jews. Those who settled in North Africa became known as the Sephardim. This division in Jewry exists to this day, and is most marked in Israel where the two communities, the Ashkenazim or “light” Jews and the Sephardim or “dark” Jews (dark because they did not mix with the number of Europeans to the same extent that the Ashkenazim did) tend to vote for different Israeli political parties.

The Semitic-speaking peoples living in Palestine were known as Jews

professor John Hope Franklin recorded that in New Orleans over 3,000 free Negroes owned slaves

According to a Reuters report, up to “70 percent of British men and half of all Western European men are related to the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun.”


Chinese civilization always contained stories of blue-eyed and blond-haired leaders who were the originators of Buddhism and the first leaders and organizers of Chinese society

Thomas Goodrich - Hellstorm 1944-1947

Hellstorm - The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany (Documentary w/ Subtitles)

The Worst Genocide In History Exposed: HELLSTORM – The Death of National Socialist Germany

A Sea of Blood

When France requested slaves as part of its war booty, Eisenhower transferred over 600,000 Germans east

Why is the CDC Ignoring Explosion of Recorded HPV Vaccine Injuries - Rhode Island Mandates 7th Graders Get Dangerous HPV Vaccine – Adverse Reactions Hidden from Parents

IQ 5%
as many as 13.7 million Germans, had, by 1950, needlessly died as a result.

these laws were to be enforced by the International Red Cross

Gold Manipulation: It’s Much Bigger Than You Think – Dave Kranzler – Ponzi scheme which enables them to loot and confiscate middle class wealth


This #PlannedParenthood scandal is imploding. Blocked video proves babies having organs harvested AFTER birth. …

Hey slavery frauds

George Soros: Hit-Man for The British Oligarchy

Hacked Emails Expose George Soros As Ukraine Puppet-Master

SHOCKER: Smoking Gun Found in I.R.S. Targeting Scandal… GEORGE SOROS! →

Er zit ook n committee van “200” aan bilderberg verbonden
Op ca 2 uur zit dat committee en soros zit op 20 voor


The Commie Connection – FDR and Stalin, now Obama and Xi Jinping

The origin of “lawful money” and the destroyer of Empires

“Financiële crisis van 2008 gepland door Bilderbergclub”

“Bilderbergconferentie is wereldwijde samenzwering om mensheid in nucleaire holocaust te leiden”

Robert Reich Explains the War on the Poor and Working Families & &

Did you know about the CANCER ACT 1939?

New Probe Exposes Horrific Child Abuse by Israeli Forces

Beppe: Nationalize Banks to Throw Off 'Anti-Democratic Straitjacket' of Eurozone
Jesus=Jezus= Ye Zeus.. ~You Our Lord(User Usher)
Perseus=per Zeus=by the Lord ~from the Lord ~Messenger~Messias~Christ~Chi Ri Esta~God´s Word in the Flesh
Devil dá evil(evi ava ovo evo eva)evil ill antilife sick life
Life driven by the ego the superego=by transfered trauma and complexes of the generations and commit the crimes and blasfemies the fathers(and oh boy the mothers and rulers)did. A Mindless existense driven by unaware compulsory actions and feelings that are disconnected from Reality. So interactions always are more and les wrong disharmonic intrusive unkind disrespectfull agressive(or opposite)and only sourche of all violence rape humiliation and crime. A compulsory as was done to them they do to others and preferably Weaker and innocents
Our man? yatsenyuk is an emmisary iof the chinese empire and comes from an afterwar setup ss colony at shrilanka idem porosjenko a herod dynasty member.
China is playing Russia Europe USA etc ie through emmisary agents eucommision un media banking infiltrated politics and their World nobility networks aka aipac.
Making YOU think any of theirs is yours is a identitytheft speciality by them who also delivered the religions rabbis imams and jesuits including vatican and israel ...some older proxies of thems. China rules and manages the World who are their commonwealths for many many centuries even millenia. And befor that from egypt
yatsenyuk sun yat sen ho chi min:
Plain regular robbery of whole Populations and Continents:
Another emmisary soros:

burning London II in the make in USA & See Comments Bonusje &

every weekday at 11
a.m. the representatives of five firms of bullion brokers and one firm of refiners meet at
the office of Messrs. Rothschild (except on Saturday) and there fix the sterling price of

George Soros: Hit-Man for The British Oligarchy
More than $2 TRILLION is being stockpiled overseas by U.S. companies
How Psychological Warfare Is Waged On You
und welche "global digital news company" kauft jetzt grad die financial times?

21 March 2014 Return of ‘airpocalypse’: Beijing’s expats flee smog

How Psychological Warfare Is Waged On You …

I would say that this letter from #BaruchLevy to #KarlMarx about sums things up!

Soros > onze drugjunkie regering rutte timmermans pechtold burgemeesters eucommisie ..onze drugverhandelende drughandel via overheden val van de gulden en komst van de euro en de devaluatie met 20% ...Ukraine ..en ondergang van de Westerse Economie .. criminele mainstreammedia >

"Considering all of the money that Soros or his organizations have provided to news organizations, it should be no surprise to learn that journalists love him."

"Legalization will not eliminate drug profits, it will only transfer some of them to government and "legitimate" industries. Soros could be poised to invest in those industries and companies.

He is laying the groundwork for the creation of a system under which government and corporations would legalize, dispense and advertise hard drugs, much like tobacco or alcohol, and supply addicts with needles and drug paraphernalia. In effect, Soros appears to be financing drug legalization for the purpose of creating a new market for federal payments to underwrite drug purchases for addicts.

Soros appears to favor an indoor version of "Needle Park," where addicts come to government offices to inject or smoke their drugs at taxpayer expense."

"In fact, he made his money through investment techniques that are not available to ordinary investors, and his financial interventions can affect nations and their economies.

Soros claims that the "527" organizations he funds "file detailed and frequent reports with government regulators." On the January 9 NOW With Bill Moyers program on PBS, Charles Lewis of the Soros-funded Center for Public Integrity argued that while Soros was funding 527 groups, Soros was disclosing these contributions and that the money could be tracked.

Again, that begs the question of where he gets his money."

"Soros reportedly purchased a major stake in one of Colombia's biggest banks, at a time when the Drug Enforcement Administration, in its study, "Colombian Economic Reform: The Impact on Drug Money Laundering within the Colombian Economy," was documenting how major drug kingpins were taking advantage of the liberalization of the economy to put illicit drug revenue into legitimate businesses.

The report stated:
"U.S. and Colombian Government authorities have evidence of drug proceeds being deposited in every major bank in Colombia... A Colombian source indicated that many banks and businesses are owned covertly by principal members of the Cali cartel."
His complex web of financial interests, companies and foundations makes Halliburton look like a Mom & Pop operation.

The charge we read in the press is that Halliburton gets government contracts and makes money from the Iraq war. Far less attention has been paid to the fact that the company has lost 54 employees as a result of that war. Nobody in the press mentions that Soros profits from the Kosovo war, which he supported as a preemptive strike against Yugoslavia, because he runs an investment fund that now does business there.

Even though he pays big bucks to advertise his opposition to the Bush policy of democracy-building in Iraq, reporters still describe him as someone with a reputation for building democracy abroad.

However, his position on Iraq may be a diversion from the real reason he wants to get rid of Bush – his longstanding desire to adopt a national "retreat and defeat" approach to the drug problem.

Soros' long-time goal has been to subvert the national anti-drug policy of the U.S. Government, to move away from the use of national and global law enforcement resources against the drug trade. He calls this "harm reduction," meaning that criminal activity associated with the use of drugs will supposedly be reduced if the government takes over the drug trade and provides drugs and drug paraphernalia, including needles, to addicts."

"Soros may be the biggest political fat cat of all time. Convicted in France of insider trading, Soros specializes in weakening or collapsing the currencies of entire nations for his own selfish interests. He is known as the man who broke the Bank of England. His power is such that his statements alone can cause currencies to go up or down."
"I certainly didn't see included in his bio the stories on how he collapsed whole country's currencies for his own self interests so that many may suffer."

This one however is Real and done BY jews >
The Worst Genocide In History Exposed: HELLSTORM – The Death of National Socialist Germany

Sorry - Page 381 Hitler was subsidized for years by the Thyssen-Flick-Vogler-Krupp group

Shady Business in the Red Cross

History_of_the_Jesuits Their Origin, Progress, Doctrines, and Design by G. B. Nicolini.pdf

The Pope, chief of white slavers, high priest of intrigue by Jeremiah J. Crowley (1913).pdf

The Engineer Corps of Hell


Dr. Rivera read many top secret documents that linked the Vatican to the creation of Islam and Communism etc.,etc.

The Gangster as Statesman, by Ernst Henri The American Mercury, November 1934 …
Look at page 82 point 54 > 100-Things-You-Should-Know-About-Communism-1949-127pgs-GOV-POL-COM. …
the communist wave of aipac asian elites nobils and centralbanksters …

18:18 jd rockefeller made 200 million dollar off of ww1

Celebration: Philip's sister Sophie, right, opposite Hitler at the 1935 wedding of Goering

aipac - commonwealths Earth - CNN Goldman Sachs & the Zio Matrix


CNN Goldman Sachs & the Zio Matrix

Over de formaldehyde lucht de lijkengeur en groot aantal MH17 slachtoffers naakt waren hoor je ook nooit geen.

Highly Graphic: Rarely Seen Video Of MH-17 Victims And Unexplained Anomalies

Sea Levels Rose Multiple Times Over 20 Feet Above Present Levels in Last 3 Million Years



The origin of “lawful money” and the destroyer of Empires

Robert Reich Explains the War on the Poor and Working Families

Pages 79/80 The ADL hass a vast arsenal of weapons to ...

The Shock Doctrine The Torture Lab – Ewen Cameron, the CIA and the maniacal quest to erase and remake the human mind.,M1 …

riots Baltimore

Almanac of Evil
The Great Tribes of Canaan
Most Influential People

Rohrbach, Austria, A group of Zionist (Hitler)youth from the “Netzach” movement, 14/07/1940.

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