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2nd Aug 2015 from TwitLonger

Stars Roster: Fall Split

Hello. As I write this we've just qualified for the Fall Split in the Smite Pro League of Season 2, and from that I am happy to officially announce the newest roster for Upcoming Stars.

At the end of the Summer Split the team made a lot of roster swaps, that culminated in us absorbing the majority of Team Arcadia, one of the top placed Challenger Teams from that Split.
I have now been given captaincy of the team, and will be head coach alongside the other half of our coaching staff, Ruler. I'm also happy to welcome back Qiwen to the team who had a short absence before relegations, but has once again proven his strength as one of the strongest supports in Europe.

Our full roster now stands as follows:

Jungler: Xephyr(Formerly Hyperion)

Mid Lane: Fexez

Solo Lane: Sozage

Hunter: MrCrunchy

Support: Qiwen

Subs: Argonath, Covertactician, VoteNBKappa

Coaching Staff: Flareb00t(captain), Ruler

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