How I think about taking advantageous positions and Dash FD by @nage_pink

This time I tried writing about strategies to get an advantageous position and the option of dash FD.

I write this everytime, but "in the end this are my own thoughts", so please try thinking of if there are even better ways, etc.

■How I think about taking advantageous positions

There are two standard plans, "Not being in the corner" and "Driving them into the corner". For the former, I aim to reduce the risk of the opponent's offense, being opened up, or the opponent's offensive momentum, but on the other hand, for the latter, I aim to increase my chances at poking, opening the opponent up, mounting an offense and gaining an advantageous position.

No matter which character it is, their offense is strong in the corner, and if you find yourself stuck in the corner, generally you deal with it by either "facing the opponent head on" or "running away in the air (jumping over the opponent)", "creating a distance and engaging in a mid ranged fight" becomes hard.

For example, against fast characters, even if you want to "hang back to throw items", it's hard to create that situation. Often, the moment you hang back, you get rushed down. In these matchups, I prefer "not being in the corner", and so I choose "running".

I think "running" is more important than adjusting spacing. I run to get far away from the corner, and to drive the opponent into the corner. It's just, run→attack... you would take damage from being stopped by an opponent's moves, and take on risks like beeing knocked down. In regards to Faust, it is not uncommon for the opponent to aim to punish your moves. In order to reduce risk in that situation, I use "Dash FD".

■How I think about Dash FD

"Dash FD" gives up the offense, but it has the strength of being able to choose an option after seeing the situation. While running in, you can block pokes, furthermore, if the opponent acted first, you can take the advantage (aim for whiffed counter pokes or anti airs)... It is a wonderful option.

Examples of my behavior when Dash FDing at mid to long range are as follows.

・Block opponent's poke→My own poke gets blocked→Throw item→Run in again
・Opponent's attempt to hit you in your dash whiffs→Punish→Throw item/Get a knockdown→ Run in again
・Confirm that the opponent is jumping in→Anti air→Throw item→Run in again
・Confirm that the opponent is hanging back→Throw item/Run in again
etc etc.

Dash FD→Confirm the opponent's actions→Choose my own action→Get a slight advantage and repeat... this is the sort of match flow I'm aiming for.

If I get too close, I'll get stuck in the opponent's offense, so I think poking with the tip of my pokes and not getting into a position the opponent favors is important.

"If the item gets blocked, opening the opponent up from close range is low risk", "maintaining offense in the corner and getting damage" and "easy to continue advantageous situations" are Faust's strong points, so I don't hurry and get closer bit by bit.

If the opponent gets out because of my dash FD, the next time I would mix in other options like poking or anti airing in preparation, or run in and put out a move or throw them, or jump in, and mix the opponent up.

Furthermore, I keep in mind that one of Faust's strengths is "even though I'm waiting for the opponent, I trhew and item, so it's hard to run (they want to get close)".

I think that if the Faust player has good awareness, it is possible to get the opponent to think that "even if I face him I'll be pushed into the corner, even if I try to run I won't get out and will be stuck in the corner". lol

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