[Trans Top vol 43 -Jonghyun- part1]

CNBLUE is fascinating fans from all over Asia. Lately, besides music activities, the members are pursuing different fields like drama and variety, to show us splendid performances. This time we pay attention to the members activities! CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun, Lee Jungshin, Kang Minhyuk. The solo activities of the 3, future plans for CNBLUE, also questions related to this year’s hot Summer were answered.

"I think the vampire role really suits me."

-Lee Jonghyun is starring in the drama Orange Marmalade(OM) playing the role of a lonely young vampire. Also, trying the married life in WGM, being in the reality show Fluttering India with other K-POP idols, excelling on many levels. This time, we look back at the story behind starring in Orange Marmalade, impressions on being in variety shows and solo activities.

I already knew the web manga OM. Even though it is a vampire story, I found it very interesting. I’m playing Shihoo, a meaningful character, who speaks for a weak minority.

-A vampire role is somewhat special, how did you prepare for it?

When I got the vampire role, I thought it’s perfect for me. I have white skin, and it suits me.
Before doing the actual shooting, I practice a lot of facial expressions. I worried a lot. I needed to control (my) gazes, as human and as vampire.

-The second part started broadcasting. The second part depicts events from 300 years ago with historical clothing. Were there hardships with the action scenes?

It’s my first periodical drama, I was very nervous. I uploaded pics on my Instagram wearing the historical costume. I liked it. When there are action scenes, even applying make-up for wounds became an unusually fun experience.

-Your good relationship with Yeo Jingoo on set became news; please tell us an event with your costars and how the atmosphere is on set.

Both Jingoo and Seolhyun helped me in a lot of ways. Even though I’m older, they are dependable. When I act, I immerse myself and they help me with that, and the atmosphere on set is harmonious.

-You are also appearing on WGM; please tell us what did you feel when you first found out about being on it, the reason for accepting and impressions about your partner

WGM is a program I was curious about since before. Impressions about my partner Gong Seungyeon-“ Her eyes are really pretty…” that’s what I thought. She’s a kind and lovely person.

source: susiayh

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