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It's necessary to reject the Sophist frame.

"the fire of progressives using that fact to smear and stamp out all the otherwise potentially respectable oppositions."
(The Mitrailleuse also doesn't -source- these views, which is a scholar sin. If it's supposed to be anonymous, say so.)

The de-respecting of otherwise-respectable opinions is what Sophism -is-.

The quoted author softens the point, I think:
Progressives want to make opposing them disreputable. Opposing them effectively has become disreputable. What a coincidence! As soon as you attempt respectability, you lose, and this goes for Sailer too.

If you let a Sophist run unchecked, of course they're going to spread the idea that anyone opposing them is some sort of dirty loon, and they're going to discourage calling a spade a spade at every available opportunity. They are not playing in good faith and treating them as if they are is never going to work.

I feel like I'm repeating myself. Let's continue.

Sophists are not your friends, your allies, or even approximately decent people. They are your enemies and they want to destroy you utterly - socially, financially, mentally, physically, and morally, frequently in that order. When you pretend to respect their pretense to the contrary, you lose.

A better name for 'Overton Window' is 'frame of reputability.' Sophism works by seizing the frame. Once they've done so, it is impossible to win against them within the frame. (Vizzini must have been an SJW - he certainly projects hard enough.)

Even Nazis accept the Progressive frame. While Hitler was a Sophism apostate, modern Nazis aren't, apparently, the Sophism held but the apostacy didn't. They cannot totally reject the Sophist status system, any more than the CCP can. They can say, "You're incorrect," but they can't say, "I'm not a loser." They say things like 'faggot' to be edgy - they don't say the word 'faggot' -isn't- edgy. Their status system is not independent, but parasitic.

A good libertarian says it's not the government's business who immigrates and who doesn't - this is striking at the root. This is not accepting the frame. Then they accept voting and inspire cosmic face-palms.

Developing an alternative status system is not merely important, but both critical and antecedent to accomplishing anything else. Ideally, one that calls a spade a spade and not simply some different non-spade than the progressives. At this point, the corruption goes so deep the alternative and rejection must be total. Even fluff art has to be rebuilt anew. Art, architecture, coding, transportation networks, lifecycles, food, language. Everything.

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