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26th Jul 2015 from TwitLonger

Quick list of favorite matches seen live in 2015, chronological order

2015-03-20: Dragon Lee vs. Kamaitachi
2015-03-21: Hechicero, Belial vs. Okumura, Centurión vs. Skayde, Fly Star vs. Valiente, Fly Warrior
2015-05-30: Guerra de Facciones cibernético
2015-05-30: Volador Jr., Titán vs. Flamita, Bestia 666
2015-07-18: Titán, Tritón vs. Aero Boy, Violento Jack
2015-07-18: Black Terry vs. Último Guerrero
2015-07-19: Impulso, Juana La Loca vs. Freelance, Mike Segura vs. Aramis, Alas de Acero

Note that this is "favorite", not necessarily "best" (though there'd be significant overlap), and this is limited to what I've seen in person in Mexico and can remember in about 60 seconds.

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