[Trans haru※hana vol 031-Jungshin part2/last]

If there’s an opportunity to MC in Japanese, would you try?

I’ve been a MC for about 4 months and there were some happenings on the program. I really like Big Bang and I did an interview with them for the show. There was no big mistake at that time but I was more nervous that usual…After the interview ended, V.I (Seungri) senpai said” Why are you so nervous? Relax a bit~” leaving such an impression.

I’m happy being able to meet and interview so many artists every week, from important names to newbies. Like Big Bang and N.Flying (laugh). They’re a junior group from our agency but they told me that having me as the MC encouraged them. Of course I think they said that to flatter me (laugh). To celebrate (the debut), I gave N.Flying member Kwangjin a bass as a present. Kwangjin is a junior who really holds us in high regards; since high school I wanted to give him a good bass as present when he debuts. I am really happy I was able to keep that promise. MC is yet another field Jungshin can be good at, so I wanted to try my hand at it.

There will be KCON 2015 Japan Mcountdown at Saitama Super Arena; I wasn’t offered the MC role, but if there’s such an opportunity in Japan, I’d really like to challenge it. I think it will be fun meeting everyone in yet another way like this. (Reporter: Please use Japanese when that happens). I’ll study hard! (laugh). Also, I want to perform at rock festivals where people who still haven’t heard our music can hear it.

source: http://leejungshin.com/zbxe/80521

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