[Trans haru※hana vol 031-Jungshin part1]

Q1. If you were to join a dance group, which would it be?
Dance group...(troubled). I'd like to join as the only male member of AOA. And when there is a sofa as stage prop, I want to be a substitute for that sofa and do the stage production.

Q2. If you could be a musical instrument, what would you be?
Lately I've been playing acoustic guitar as hobby. Previously when I only played bass I'd think "Playing every day is not enough"; now it's not becoming an obsession and I enjoy playing guitar. If there's an opportunity, I'd like to try playing acoustic guitar at a fanmeeting or Live.

Q3. A hairstyle you'd try in the future?
The other day, I learned shaolin (martial art) so I'd like to try having a shaved head. Also, a lot of people told me, Japanese fans especially, loved when I had a long hairstyle, so maybe I'll let it be long again.
(Reporter "How about changing hair color?")
I don't think I will. Although a while ago I dyed my hair, I don't think it suits me. It seems my face suits black or brown hair.

Q4. A dish you're good at making lately?
Lately, I'm cooking for the sake of my dog Simba. Eating a mix of boiled broccoli and carrots, sweet potato, chicken meat; making meals for Simba, I'm overjoyed when he eats everything.

Q5. Music you're often listening recently?
I'm listening a lot of songs in preparation for the next Japan single and korean album. And Oasis songs. Oasis songs relaxes the mind if you keep on listening. I'd be happy if someone will think like this while listening our songs from now on

source: http://leejungshin.com/zbxe/80521

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