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22nd Jul 2015 from TwitLonger

Woshige's Evo 2015 Memories
As the winner of KSB, I was invited to go to Evo by Stickbug. I went to the tournament and pushed myself to play against and interact with as many Western players as I could - there was no guarantee that I could live up to his expectations given how big a role luck plays in tournaments, after all, and I also felt driven to repay his kindness.
I regret not knowing enough English to say anything more than simple greetings, but getting to play directly against Western players and seeing everyone having so much fun battling each other gave me a great impression of the event.
I'm a bit disappointed that I lost the tournament, but at the same time, I can't help but laugh.💦 Normally, a loss like that would definitely drag me down in the coming matches, but the support from my fellow players and the rallies from the crowd put me back on my feet, allowing me to make it to a solid finish at third place.
I wanted to win, of course, but work had been keeping me too busy put in as much practice as I would have liked, and I know many other people had been putting in a lot more effort to win than I had, so I have no reason to complain. Honestly, I did better than I thought I would!
This trip made me realize once again that fighting games are an important part of my life that I could never go without. It's a wonderful hobby where people can communicate even if they speak different languages and I want to stick with it forever. It makes me hope many more people can learn what kind of joy this genre can bring.
I'm thankful from the bottom of my heart that I participated in Evo this year. Not because of where I placed, but because of the wonderful people I met and the tournament atmosphere that videos can't get across. The monetary cost to participate is a pretty big hurdle, but if you love fighting games, you should definitely go.
I was surprised that video blew up so hard, though.💦 I'm a little embarrassed, of course, but it seems like there are more than a few people who learned about and got interested in fighting games because of it, so I'll take it as a good thing that I was able to help share the hype of fighting games.
Stickbug was the first, but there were so many people along the way who helped make this otherwise unfamiliar trip such a blast. I'd like to thank you all again for this unforgettable experience.
Lastly, I'm sorry I haven't been able to respond to everyone's comments! I'm reading them, trust me, but there have been too many notifications for me to keep up with.💦 I'm sorry to respond with an open letter like this, but I'm extremely thankful for all the support you've given me both before and after the tournament. Thank you all so much.m(_ _)m

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