"Racism towards GV Keane"

Hey - P1noy here.

I just checked reddit out, and my comment towards Keane.

So i wanted to briefly touch on the situation, so we were in a soloQ together, and he was playing viktor top, Made a tp play botlane and got a kill, i pinged him to back off from the creep wave, and he kept spam pinging me, so i just out of pure frustration wrote "gtfo from my lane u korean dog" which was undoubtly unacceptable and i will learn from it, i usually never insult people and i didnt meant it in a negative way, but i've learnt that korean approaches it in a different way

Anyways right after the game i tried to add him to apologize, but understandably didnt he accept, so i approached their coach Cop, i wanted to apologize by either coming over or atleast get him a message so there was no bad terms between us.


Here is the conversation between Cop and I.

Even tho he takes it as a joke or whatsoever, i still feel kinda bad no matter what way he looks at my comment, it was wrong by me and i sincerly apologize to Keane and the people that i might have offended or showcased myself.

Thank you.

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