Nage's EVO 2015 Impressions Translated

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Hi this is Nage.
I'm writing this on the plane ride back from EVO.

Had a great time there, and I decided to compile some notes on how I decided to go to EVO this year, talk about how this was my first trip outside of Japan, write about EVO in general, and write about what I plan on doing after returning to Japan.

It may get clumsy but I'd appreciate if you would read it when you have the time (lol).

*How It Started*
Biggest reason for going for sure is 'because Xrd is one of the main game' and 'many of my peers were going'.

I've had interest in EVO since I started UMVC3 few years ago, but I was so happy to hear Xrd was chosen as EVO main game, and immediately my thought of 'going oversea is a hassle' was blown away.

Again, many of my peers were going to EVO this year, more than expected, and by going in a group I was able to minimize the stress and have fun with the trip
Many thanks to Taka who invited me to go; Nakamura, Rion, Hasegawa, Consomme for traveling with me; Hiro, Taitsu and Abegen for giving me traveling tips; sowel for drawing the art for my stick, thank you all. (If I start naming everyone it'll take forever so I'll stop here...)

'Airport Preliminary' was the biggest pressure I felt, as if you screw it up, it's over.

Registering for ESTA, Registering for EVO, getting the plane ticket, pre-ordering portable Wifi, Insurance Contract, bringing monitors and PS3... so many things I had to do which was intimidating to hear.

But, this was all done and covered by the 6 of us, so once everything was ready to go we were all relieved of how simple it was.

My goal was to 'Win EVO', so I was glad I could minimize travel stress that can affect my performances.

*At EVO*
-About Foreign players
This is what I want to talk about the most!! (lol)

My thought is: 'Foreign players are strong'
Especially with new characters like Leo and Elphelt there were many strong players.

This year top 8 was 7 Japanese so maybe the impression is 'Japanese GG players are too strong'. However, if Xrd is chosen as the main game again at EVO I don't think we'll see the same results next year.

My impression of foreign players was 'strong defense, focuses on setplay'.
I was able to win against them this year because 'I have many matchup experience, and was able to make the right guesses when it mattered'. If foreign players continue to play and hone their GG play, I believe this gap can be closed.

-About Tournament Results
In the end, I got 2nd place.

I was prepared for various character matchups, but in the end I couldn't master the Ogawa matchup (player vs player matchup), and I'm regretful of that. I also think I should lessen my input mistakes.
I got 2nd place at ArcRevo2014 as well, and I feel the results reflects my lack of preparation. To this day it's a challenge I must overcome.

My preparation didn't all go to waste, of course:
I was most worried about fighting Elphelt, so I played with many different players as possible beforehand, and despite facing 3 Elphelts in a row in winners side I never got sent to losers.
After losing to Woshige at KSB, I prepared for the match, and I was able to defeat him in losers final.
Getting used to playing stick-on-lap and made sure I can still play 100% on console.
I feel as though I got what I prepared for.

Recently, I feel as though I'm getting stronger as I play, and EVO made me think 'I can become stronger'.

Also, even though I'm a newer player (kind of questionable... lol) who only started to leave results starting in Accent Core, I still feel salty that Ogawa and Woshige are considered the strongest.
Of course, ever since I started GG, Ogawa and Woshige were considered 'players above all', so seeing them still maintaining their position and leaving results to this day is still good to see.

But the impression still is 'GG is Ogawa and Woshige's Game', and I want to change that.

-About Me
I think my play style is pretty lame.

'Always work on fundamentals and principles, be able to make good decisions on the spot. Those alone is not enough so don't be afraid to play rock-paper-scissor. If going for RPS, go in with the mentality to destroy them.'
These are the mental image I have, and I try to stay in the lead in many aspect during the match.

People might say "But Nage you're crazy too!", but my motto is 'Honing Fundamentals'.
When I first came to East Japan around 2009 I couldn't win against any strong players, but I worked on my fundamentals 1 at a time, and that's how you get the me you see today.

"Even if it's not fancy, if you clear challenges one at a time you can go head to head with other strong players! A steady path is still a path moving forward!"
Is the message I want to relay to everyone.

I talk about my thoughts during matches quite often on Twitter and streams, so if you have the time and are interested feel free to check them out.

*What now?*
If Guilty Gear is chosen as main title again for EVO, I'll probably go again. Hell, unless something dire happens I'm definitely going.

I was able to connect with the foreign players and would love to see them again, and I want to experience the EVO main stage hype again.
Next year we may have a different version, and I expect the level of foreign players to be even higher, and I look forward to it.

I said "I have no regrets going to EVO" before, and there is no false in that statement (probably because I had no trouble or mishaps during travels).

If you can go, definitely consider it.

That's it! Sorry for the long post but that is all!

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