I made a response on the article itself, but I'm worried it will fall on deaf ears, so here's TwitLonger to the rescue to help me say what I want to say. Please read it, I would really appreciate it you could understand my end of the situation:

"Alright, let me get the big one out of the way, my answers to "What are you doing with your 3DS and your trophy?" were taken unbelievably out of context. And there's a lot of damage control I need to address on that one, so let's get to it!

1. When I said I was annoyed that Cosmo got an n3DS too I meant and said it in a joking manner, and I definitely used a tone to match. The only thing separating the prizes of first and second was the trophy, and nothing else. And really, I didn't mind at all, I just found it kind of funny that that's how that went down, especially considering the prizes from the 1990 NWC... But I was and still am 100% fine that Cosmo received a n3DS for all of his hard work. I know there's no way to prove I was fine with the prize distribution but if I don't do what I can to at least try to set the record straight I'll just be kicking myself here.

2. The mention about selling the trophy or the n3DS was also made in jest. I had mentioned in the interview that "I guess if I went the route of Thor, I'd have no choice!" But for some reason, that part wasn't included. All in all, I guess it was a joke in bad taste, but I really didn't mean anything by it. I plan on hanging on to these prizes, don't worry.

3. As far as looking dismayed when Miyamoto was trying to hand me the n3DS, that wasn't because I didn't want it. God only knows I would want to have a national treasure like that. As I mentioned in the interview, the trophy weighed in at at least 20 pounds, and I needed to hold it with two hands(I'm not that strong, obviously). I'm pretty sure I did not mention this part during the interview, but I didn't want to have to hold the n3DS along with the trophy at the same time because it could have gotten damaged if I held them together like that, and it might have been awkward if I were to just put it in my pocket(you can see me start to do that but stop in the replay video).

Okay and here are some other concerns I meant to address:
- Cosmo and I are on perfectly good terms with each other. We even hung out together and with a few others after the event and played some games together. We even met up at the airport on the way back by chance. We didn't have any hard feelings with each other, and I certainly had none of the malintent that this article seems to be painting that I had.
- On that note, in the Balloon Fight round, I wasn't upset that Cosmo won, but rather that Egoraptor DIDN'T win. Believe me, it's really, really awesome that Cosmo was able to overcome all of the challenges to make it to the final round, but if Egoraptor managed to do it it definitely would have been one of the most hype parts about the NWC, no contest.
- As far as Mario Kart 8, a higher accel/steering combo is actually very optimal for 200cc. High speed builds are extremely difficult to control, at least for me.
- For Smash, I'm kind of annoyed myself that they just said I said "I dominated" it without giving any real attention to my thought process or any of my competitive background with the game. I gave like a whole dissertation behind the Smash round, and it went completely ignored. It just made me sound like a snob who figured he deserved to win without any reason behind it. Lame.
- For Mario Maker, I just kind of wish they didn't include what I said there, it really does look like I'm rubbing salt in the wound and nothing else really. As mentioned he just wasn't familiar with the NSMBU engine and he told me this himself. And I guess that's really all there was to that.
- Also it was the second and third levels Cosmo did really well in, I accidentally said first and third.
- As far as not getting a free ride to the rest of E3, I guess it was kind of jerky to mention it, but I honestly did not mind. I really just found it funny over anything else. Being there for the NWC was good enough for me and I was going to see the Digital Event on my computer sooner or later anyway.

I understand that this entire article, for some reason, throws me under a really jerky light, but please trust me that I'm nothing like that, and a lot of these interview answers are being taken extraordinarily out of context by the article. I'm a very nice person, and I had a really great time at the NWC. The experience was exciting and overwhelming, and I have had nothing but total respect for the other 15 competitors from the get go. Heck, I wasn't even expecting to win, but rather to just have a good time.

I'm really confused about the existence of this article. It looks more like a draft than anything, and the way it has phrased a lot of what I said has made me look like a really pretentious *** who isn't grateful for what he's got. I swear that any context you guys are inferring from it isn't true. I'm very depressed about this, because I REALLY hate being seen as entitled or pretentious or anything like that, I swear to you here.

As I said, you can choose whether or not to believe me on these accounts, but if I didn't try to set things straight I really wouldn't be able to forgive myself. If you don't believe me, that's fine, I'm just glad I was able to get this message out. And if you do believe me, thank you."

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