Jerome Booth funds Exaro, he’s made £200m from insurance, Leon Brittan was his boss at the DTI.

Tim Pendry founded Exaro in 2012, he’s a director of the British Syrian Society, as are David Steel, Lord Henniker’s son-in-law, Wafic Said & assorted diplomats, arms dealers & spooks. He’s the nephew of alleged offender Lord Tom Pendry & worked for a pressure group financed by the Goldsmith family. In the early 90’s he was a leading figure in DEMOS which he himself said was used for ‘much more sinister political ends’ by what he terms the ‘centralist national security state.’

David Hencke planted stories in the press for the British Youth Council & Peter Mandelson in the 70’s. An article he wrote started the ‘Cash for Questions’ scandal in 1994, it was factually incorrect but part of a successful campaign (Tory sleaze) to discredit the Major administration & replace it with a US poodle ‘New Labour’ gov’t. Aided in parliament by Lord Carlile who set up SC Strategy Ltd in late 2012 with John Scarlett, former head of MI6. At the time Carlile was also an Exaro contributor.


Hencke introduced & validated the EGH documents, found online by Discovery77. They are a collection of names & stories already publicly available at the time they were allegedly written & erroneously linked to EGH. They are worthless as evidence & there have been no EGH related charges or arrests.

The call for an Inquiry contains 8 points that needed to be investigated. Anyone who knows where to look for the VIP ring will recognise an attempt to avoid rather than expose it. No PIE, Henniker, Hayman, Righton etc. A controllable cash cow Inquiry with a panel of long term trusted friends, Watson/Hearn, Hencke/Wilmer, Watts/Evans. After unplanned changes they’ve attempted to smear everyone involved, Goddard, Emmerson, White Flowers, Liz Davies, McKelvie, McFadyen, Lavery & anybody who supports them using their online proxys & fake survivors. Hencke visited the Lantern Project as the Wilmers started their abusive campaign, Tomlin needed to speak to him ‘ASAP’ days before Reflections was launched, Exaro are behind everything disruptive often using their twitter tool Discovery77. They claim Operation Enamel didn’t use the allegations from their Janner witnesses because ‘they had enough evidence already.’ Now we hear ‘Darrens’ claims aren’t being pursued due to lack of evidence.

Wake up folks, in 3 years they have achieved absolutely nothing tangible.


(Sources left out for clarity but available on request)

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