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Stellar, why they returned with a sexy concept.

The female group that debuted in 2011, Stellar, that once garnered attention in great measures, is back. Back then, they debuted thanks to Eric (Shinhwa), the producer of the grou; last year they provoked a great controversy with their sensuality in "Marionette". "Marionette" was published twice but still did not manage to gain much interest. No opportunity arose. A debut of 5 years shows that there were crossroads in their path, which is why Stellar didn't have many options.

Stellar has announced that on the 20th, their new song "Vibrato" was released. This song could be the third that receives a great amount of attention. Previously, the teasers were top searches in many pages. The focus is on the sexy concept, that's what we got to see in the first two teasers where the name of the group and the song were also announced quite a bit. Some think that Stellar is like a breeze.

Members: "Since 'Marionette', we tried to change a bit our mindset of the future. It's amazing, we're fine with showing our appearnce in this manner. By the way, I'm really happy to be coming back. This time around, we have ensured that we create a new color that hopefully brings us more opportunities in the future. We hope that this song is not a bad example, but rather an inspiration."

Stellar's 'Mask' was released after 'Marionette'; there we were able to better see the focus of their concept.
Members: "'Mask', because of the similarity in the lyrics was destined to be similar to 'Marionette'." They noted.

'Just with this name, I wanted to know more. You don't know me, you can't see me with your eyes, either, but I want to give the best of me. You have to talk while you're getting to know us and not create any false statements that simply.' 'You're not born just like that, it's not true that I cannot do anything, I've given it my all and I've been able to do whatever I please.' With these lyrics, Stellar are anxiously absorbed in their careers. In reality, Stellar, prior to 'Marionette' were closer to the innocent girl concept.

Members: "'Mask' has sincerity, as opposed to 'Marionette' which is a song where more musicality is shown. And which was, in reality, released without much interest. 'Marionette' is a song where the opportunity the make production exists. It's sad that we can't separate much, I suppose we don't have much of a choice. In the dorms, if you saw...we don't have many opportunities of going out, only being inside all day long."

With songs like these, as much as the public talks about them, and although they're acceptable, the company, instead of risking it and supporting it, have a hard time deciding, that is the reality. Many times, making a new song can't be that good, because it's like expecting the lottery, nothing is free.

The girls from Stellar ad tears in their eyes while they told their stories, but they also never stopped smiling until the end.

Members: "Having suffered once, the wounds that keep coming don't hurt as much."
With pain in their heart, hiding their wounds. Regardless of how resistent they seem, they also worry about losing their jobs.

Members: "Actually, a day prior to the release of the teaser, we were worried." They revealed.

Their new song, 'Vibrato' is a song where a girl captures the feelings of a nervous man.
Members: "This summer we wanted to show a more exciting aspect, a song that you could enjoy a bit more. Stellar hopes to satisfy the public with this song." they explained.

Members: "Actually, the entire cute concept was only continued until 'Marionette'. We started without having any experience and I didn't know what would come. With the three remaining members, we were dancing in outfits similar to those you wear in ballet; I saw that we were synchronized but didn't know anything about the rest. Now I see how difficult it was...even having adjusted our water intake, we felt nervous, I didn't like showing my sexy side even one bit."

After debuting, up to now, they never stop working hard, this time, with a more prepared mentality.

Members: "Other groups that have been together for 5 yeras and release many songs, perhaps already know what level they are on. If they don't disappear. We've been together for 5 years and we only promote once a year. Because of inconveniences, we cannot promote on a large scale. Experiencing difficult moments with the members makes me feel like I have a lot to learn, still. Now, as you read this, you should also know it. This is what a reader will learn and will make Stellar be one of the more well-known groups."

Translated by: Stellar Perú
Translated into English by: Stellar News

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