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17th Jul 2015 from TwitLonger

Bjergsen vs Loco

I've been reading a lot of comments on Reddit and I felt like this is an important topic to talk about. I believe the community members are looking at the situation in the wrong way.

- Loco's authority is not above the players. His job is to facilitate healthy discussion among the team members for us to fix our problems and improve.

The best team environment is one where all players participate in discussions and bring up concerns. But currently, the only person on our team that does that is Bjergsen. Because he's so vocal, the community is mistaking it for him fighting against Loco and him having an ego. Also due to the fact that the other players are quiet, it makes it look even worse when Bjerg and Loco are having a heated discussion. The other team members need to step in and give their opinions of the situation so it's not just two people with different opinions going head to head. But they're not doing that.

I believe players should always have a right to question management decisions and management should always have a reasonable answer for the players.

Right now Loco is having a difficult time keeping the conversations productive.

Multiple players have expressed that they're not confident with giving Loco complete authority.

I've also seen a lot of people compare our coaches to better coaches from other regions where they do have complete control over players but our coaching staff is nowhere near that level.

Starting Monday I will be stepping in as head coach and I'll be leading discussions within the team in a productive manner. (I won't be on stage.)

*** Regarding the "Bjergsen attitude problem" mentioned in the latest TSM Legends episode (21)

- Our whole team has a problem with playing from behind. When we fall behind in game, the team becomes really negative and the communication completely stops which makes it even harder for the team to come back. I told Bjergsen specifically to fix this attitude because multiple members on the team look up to him and I expect him to be a role model for the other players. If he's more positive in game then the other players will be as well and this is an attitude problem that needs to be fixed by every player. I told this to Bjerg in the episode because I expect him to lead the change.

* I do see how because the way the conversation was cut, people may have gotten the wrong impression.

I do mean what I said on Twitter, outside of the game, Bjergsen has the best attitude to for a player that's constantly trying to improve.

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