Kim Bada's comment on working with Jaejoong on One Kiss & MINE

Q: You have done many collaborations with artists such as Leessang and Romantic Punch across many genre. Who have you enjoyed working with the most?

Kim Bada: I enjoyed working with Kim Jaejoong from JYJ. At first, I sent around 10 songs and asked him to choose from those 10 songs. When Jaejoong first asked for songs, I just went, "Oh, really?" and wrote them. Normally, song writers work on computers and arranged them perfectly before submitting them to big stars. But I just scribbled something on the paper at home, recorded what I thought, "oh! this sounds ok!" and sent them as messages. Still, he liked it. I was like, "Really? Can you do it? Can you really do this too?" and then send him arranged versions of the song, and Jaejoong loved it. I don't know if he was tired that day, but he didn't even look up and said, "yes, I really like it." So I thought, 'it must be really good then," and he sang it. [T/N: that song is One Kiss, of course:D] Then he asked for another song, so I gave him a song titled "MINE" which became his title song for the album. It topped the charts in Japan, Germany and Thailand. It wasn't only in Korea (laughs). Then, I thought to myself, "I really should get out of Korea" (laughs). It was an experiment of my song. I didn't have to customize the song for him and did what I wanted to do. I made changes as I was recording as well. I asked him [Jaejoong] to try something different from what he used to do. I read from his interview later on that he felt like he was starting fresh from the start as a new artist.

Q: 리쌍, 로맨틱 펀치 등 장르를 넘나들으면서 다른 가수들과 콜라보도 많이 하셨는데 그 중 호흡이 잘 맞았다고 생각하는 가수는 누구인가요?

김바다 JYJ의 김재중이 잘 맞았어요. 일단은 제가 곡을 10댓 곡 보내줬어요. 그 중에 고르라고 했죠. 재중이가 곡을 달라 그랬을 때 “그래?” 하고 그냥 써 줬어요. 보통은 작곡가들이 스타들한테 곡을 주려면, 집에서 컴퓨터에서 작업해서 편곡도 완벽하게 해서 보내주거든요. 근데 저는 집에서 끄적이다 ‘오! 이거 괜찮은데?’ 하면 녹음해서 메시지로 보냈어요. 근데 괜찮다고 하는 거에요. “어 진짜? 이거 할 수 있어? 이것까지 할 수 있다는 얘기야?” 해서 편곡해서 보내줬더니 재중이가 아주 좋아하는 거에요. 그 친구가 그 때 피곤해서 그랬는지 몰라도 고개를 못 들고 “어, 정말 좋아요” 하더라구요. 그래서 ‘아, 이거 좋구나’해서 불렀어요. 그러더니 한 곡 더 달라고 해서 'Mine'이라는 노래를 줬는데 그 곡이 타이틀 곡이 되고, 일본 차트에서 1위하고 독일, 대만에서도 1위를 했어요. 한국만 아니었어요(웃음). 그러면서 “제가 이제 떠나야 되는데, 한국을.” 했죠(웃음). 제 노래를 실험했어요. 걔한테 맞춘 건 아니고 이런 걸 하겠다 해서 보낸 거죠. 녹음하면서도 바꿔서 녹음하자고 했어요. 너의 스타일 말고 다른 걸로 해 보자고. 재중이는 인터뷰한 거에서 보니까 마치 신인으로 다시 돌아간 것 같다고 했더라구요.

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