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16th Jul 2015 from TwitLonger

Stars Roster Changes

'We have once again decided to make a few roster changes in order to secure us with the best chance of making it through the relegations into the Fall Split in the SPL.

Firstly, I’d like to announce that Frostie is stepping down as the midlaner and as captain, which will be transferred over to Cherry. As a result of this, Cherryo will also be moving over to the mid lane. I’d like to thank Frostie for the contributions he has made to the team, but he feels he is not enjoying the game anymore and it would not be sustainable for him to continue playing for us at a competitive level. He will remain on the team in a sub position.

Alongside this, we have also made the tough decision to bench our support, Qiwen, in favour of our new support FleuryQ. It was not an easy choice to make and we all wish Qiwen the best for the future, with every confidence we will be seeing him at the top level in months to come

Our new ADC will be decided in the next few days, and we will continue with our practice in order to succeed in our relegation matches.'

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