I am truly honored to play for Penn State and wear the Blue and White. In 2011, my first season in Happy Valley, it was a season the nation will never forget. The players and staff on that team could have easily been crushed by the immense pressure surrounding the program; however, we didn't because of the logo on the front of the jersey. We played for that logo, each other, and the former players. When Coach O'Brien came and put names on the uniforms to honor the players that stayed; I was extremely moved. I understood the history that surrounded our program and the basic whites and blues. I was thankful for Coach O'Brien to make that tough decision, and I felt that it was very appropriate at that time. But, that was then and this is now. We honored those who have stayed. There are only six of us left (Ben Kline, Kyle Carter, Matt Zanellato, Anthony Zettel, Carl Nassib, and myself). We have had our time to be honored. I felt the name on the back of my jersey was to honor the players and for my mother in the stands but, I have always played for the logo on the front. My mother doesn't need to see a name to pick me out on the field. She could spot me out of a crowd of a 107,000 easily. With Coach Franklin, it is time for us to get back to our traditions and put everything behind us. We play for each other, former letterman, our family's, for Thon and the Four Diamonds, our fans, and for this amazing university. Black Shoes...Basic Blues...No Names...All Game. WE ARE...PENN STATE!

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