Quick summary of my concerns with Airplay and Koretzky:

Koretzky's biased and constant obsession with the harassment claims:

He has not talked about ethics as anything other than a vague concept, he has on the other hand treated aGG claims of harassment as gospel truth and demanded GG apologize for and condemn it while simultaneously treating harassment towards GamerGate at best as an afterthought.

Koretzky's narrative spinning:

He has talked several times about GG extremists and post example tweets to 'prove' it. What he's doing is isolating tweets, removing them from context, providing his own context and then condemning individuals based on this false premise. This is literally the kind of behavior GamerGate has fought against and we've been letting it slide because we've been giving him the benefit of the doubt. For fun take every mention Koretzky makes of 'extremism' and replace it with misogyny or racism and he's indistinguishable from SJW journalists, making an accusation to deflect criticism.

He has treated GamerGate and aGG with completely different standards. Despite 'extremism' coming from the biggest voices on aGG side he takes special care to condemn GG extremism. Despite constant outlandish demands from aGG he bemoans GG making any sort of request and treats it as an absurd demand. Despite provable and extreme harassment coming from aGG side he only demands GG condemn harassment. These kind of actions taken collectively build up a narrative of guilty GamerGate and innocent aGG.

His update about Oliver Campbell is a complete example of the kind of behavior GamerGate has fought against. False quotes, quote mines, lies, retroactive edits to fit your story, treating the actions of one person as representative of all GG(explicitly against SPJ ethic policy on 'stereotyping'), playing victim, DARVO(Oliver asked for compromise and Koretzky completely reverses the positions and condemns GG for it). If this was an article rather than an update on an event it would be fully worthy of entry on DeepFreeze.

The original structure of Airplay:

He attempted to get the biggest supporters of the harassment narrative to be the aGG side, he claims to have asked games journalists but all his updates focus on people like Nyberg and Sarkeesian. This leads me to suspect the original structure was intended to put GamerGate on trial. Have GamerGate defend itself against aGG accusations.
Then have the 'neutral' SPJ journalist side act as judge, jury and executioner towards GamerGates ethical complaints. Have them defending their profession from accusations of wide spread corruption and/or ideological bias. What else are they there for? Just to nod along and say politely 'yes covering your room mate without disclosure is wrong', 'yes covering someone who is financially supporting you without disclosure is wrong', 'yes stereotyping and condemning diverse groups of people is wrong'? No they're there to defend their profession and put GamerGate on trial.
Rather than the chance to have our voices heard like it was sold to us it seems like he was taking his chance to put the people condemning his profession on trial.

The new structure of Airplay I can barely comment on because Koretzky seems to like his secrets, the GG commitee is completely restructured without update, notice or comment, the panelists have changed without update, notice or comment, the timing and layout of the event changes seemingly on a whim. By the time it comes around we could have Kim Kardashian, Lil Wayne, and Will Farrell on proGG side and George Bush, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Stephen Hawking on aGG side debating the benefits of cheese on waffles for all any of us know including the panelists who are claiming to be kept in the dark until the information is made public finding out what they're supposed to do has completely changed at the same time as the rest of us find out.

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