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15th Jul 2015 from TwitLonger

[TRANS] 2PM No. 5 Album. Thanks To

Jun. K Thanks To

2PM’s 5th Regular album.
Musically, this album was completed after a long time of creative agony.
I will humbly accept any praise or critique that comes thereafter, and I will not be swayed by it.
I extend sincere thanks to my dear family and our members, the HOTTEST who have been waiting for us, and our company’s staff.
I wish everyone who listens to this album happiness.
NO ♥

Nichkhun Thanks To

My family and everyone who I love and who loves me. You all are my inspiration, my motivation, my drive, my energy, and my ultimate goal. Wherever you guys are I hope I can always make you proud.
Thank you.
Thank you are lovely HOTTEST for always staying beside us. These words might sound dull, but we were able to come this far because of you, so I will work hard and become a far better person and a far better artist to make you all proud!!! Please have all your meals properly, lol
Thank you.
Our HOTTEST around the world for always waiting and supporting and loving us no matter what. I hope you guys like this album and I hope to see you all soon! In the mean time take good care of yourselves!

Taecyeon Thanks To

Thank you everyone who is now reading this Thanks To, our family, friends, our members, JYP staff and our HOTTEST.

Wooyoung Thanks To

I would like to greet and extend my thanks to everyone who made the new beginning with 2PM in 2015. I think that we were able to produce music again because of the deep interest and concern of each and every one of you. I will never forget it and I will definitely repay your kindness. We will try our best during these activities, and using it as the background, you can expect to witness our new growth.
Everyone worked really really hard, and I would like to convey my thanks once again. I respect and love everyone who greatly values, defends and loves 2PM.

Junho Thanks To

This album was a great challenge for us as 2PM. Our members have worked hard for a yet deeper color. Also, so many members of the staff worked night and day with us immersed into it. I sincerely thank all the members of the staff for having worked so much on this album. I also thank the HOTTEST for always waiting for us. I’m also very thankful to our members who always work hard and are considerate towards each other. We’re always together. I love you.

Chansung Thanks To

Thank you everyone who participated in the making of this album No. 5. If it weren’t for you, the current 2PM would not have been able to make such a perfect album. Thank you so much. Also, our parents for giving endless support and love… My brother who is having a hard time abroad… And my other family, the 2PM members… Jinyoungie hyung, who loves 2PM… Finally, there are so many other people whom I didn’t mention, I will just contact you personally to express my thanks…^^ I love you everyone!

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