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G2 vs RNG/Chris regarding Jebus.

I'll just state the events that happend during last split, all the way back from the team being acquired by Gamers2 from Nevo. I don't have the exact dates of the events, as most of it was on my Gamers2 email, which was deactivated as I quit my position with the organization.
I will try my best to be unbiased, which is hard for me, as I was in the middle of this and spent all my time working with the team.

FYI - I was the manager of the team, and created the roster back in Nevo. I lived in the house, and was in charge of pretty much everything around the team. (Except coaching the last 4 weeks or so, as Souldra was brought in)

I got contacted by Ocelote ~20mins after our win against Gamers2, back when we were known as Nevo. He wanted a team in the EUCS, and so the negotiations between Nevo and Gamers2 began. Ocelote said he could provide us with an offer that would blow us away, so we were of course all interested. As it turned out though, the offer was slightly worse than the current offer we had from Nevo, so the team as a whole was not interested in the end.

The day before we were supposed to move to the Nevo gaming house(In Berlin), we are told that they discovered an issue with the plumbing in the house, and we would be unable to move into the house for another 2 weeks or so. This was not a valid solution to us, as Jebus was without a place to live, and Gilius needed to start school in Berlin, and needed a place to stay in the city. So we take Gamers2 up on their offer, eventhough the offer was slightly worse (except the house is nicer), as we needed a house asap.
We were in doubt if Gilius had to stay in Cologne to study, but we end up finding a german school in Madrid, that he ends up attending. It's a private school though, so it costs money, Carlos agrees to pay for it to help Gilius out.

So we all move into the house, and start our preparation for our EUCS games.
Just as we move in (everyone but Eika, he arrived a bit later) we get told that the contracts are not quite ready yet, and we are asked to sign temporarily contracts, which binds us to Gamers2 till the real contracts are ready.

Not long after, maybe week 2 of EUCS, I get the contracts send to me. I quickly realize though, that these contracts are not consistent with the deal we agreed on with Gamers2. It states a salary, that we did not agree upon, and states nothing about house / food that we did agree on.
So I send them back to the Gamers2 management, and tell them they are not equivalent to our agreement. They appologize the mistake, and lets me know that they will fix it as fast as possible. I communicate this to the players.
Throughout this time, we receive everything that we agreed upon, we just doesn't have any contract stating Gamers2 are obligated to provide it.

As a team, we agreed that we wanted a car. (This has nothing to do with Gamers2). As we need one so I can drive Gilius to school, as public transportation from the house is crap. And also having a car in general is nice. Ocelote tells me he will help out finding a cheap rental/cheap used car. Ocelote ends up renting a car for us, and paying for it himself. This was not a part of the deal we agreed upon, like him paying for Gilius school.

Fast forward to the end of the regular split, we've played all 10games in the EUCS, and we've still not received the contracts. At this point I've asked about them many times, and gotten told that they are soon ready. I'm not to concerned about it, as we've received everything we agreed upon, and more.
We roll into the first week of playoffs, and a few days prior to our first game against LLL I receive the contracts. The contracts, as Jebus wrote, does not have any obligations on Gamers2 part. My initial thought is that this is a mistake, as I've never seen a contract only having obligations on one parties side, and not the others.
I email the contracts back to Gamers2, asking what is up as only the salary got removed from the first contracts I got sent. I tell them the players, and my own concerns about this. But at this point they just want us to sign, as playoffs are already rolling, and if the team performs well, it's of course extremely important for Gamers2 to have the team locked in and signed with contracts.
I have a lenghty conversation with Ocelote, and Souldra the coach was also a part of this, and the conclusion of the conversation is that the shape of the contract will not be changed under any circumstance.

The players then sign, as if they don't sign - Gamers2 won't continue to provide the things we agreed upon, as they don't have the players contracted in that case.
The players and myself would definitely have prefered the contract changing it's form, but so far Gamers2 have lived up to every part of what we agreed to, and we can't really start to move out of the house right before our playoff games.

We end up losing both of our playoff games, and fails to qualify for LCS promotion.

The rest of the story I do not have any first hand experience with, only got told from the different parties what happend, but you've all been able to read those stories on your own.

This is my version of the story, as unbiased as I could possibly present it. Gamers2 delivered everything they ever promised, and more(Gilius school and a car) - but it wasn't garantueed to the players in writing, which is why some parties claim the contract was voided.

Draw your own conclusions.

Best Regards,
Daniel Vorborg
Ex-Manager of Gamers

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